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SIGNASpecies Iris Group of North America (est. 1968)
SIGNAAcoustic Signature line of the OTG Message Format
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Besides Benko Lauda is the only investor in Signal Retail and there is no strategic plan to open the company for more investors, Christoph Stadlhuber, head of Signa Holding, told the paper.
The Signa HDxt system features 2 new applications: Cube and IDEAL.
They shouted at me to signa piece of paper resigning from the board.
Jones is searching for a proven frontman to fire Cardiff into the play-offs and club owner Sam Hammam has reassured the Bluebirds boss that there is still a little cash in their transfer kitty to signa striker.
Louis, MO-based life science and high technology company Sigma-Aldrich and New York, NY-based early advanced materials company SiGNa Chemistry recently announced that Sigma-Aldrich will distribute SiGNa's new technology for the controlled use of alkali metals, which has applications in such areas as hydrogen energy production for micro fuel cells.
A Signa LS Interventional vertical donut open IMRI (GE, USA) was used to monitor probe position and to monitor the development of the ice ball.
The last example is the more famous Idea del Theatro (Venice, 1550), a description of the complex utopian project of universal knowledge, alchemic transmutation, and human deification suggested by the orator, poet, and kabbalist Giulio Camillo Delminio: the analogical net of elements--which here is made up according to the composing principle from the cosmogony and put in a real, mental, and metaphorical space--represents the highest interaction of memoria and inventio as well as one of the most radical experiments of knowledge per signa.
The Signa family opened the original Doe's in Greenville in 1941.
You know how it is: it is late afternoon and you suddenly find yourself in the dreadful town of Signa, standing in a bright cafe with a cold one in your hand?
In addition, alloy wheel options for the new Vectra include the Signa and Sport Star designs, both available in 6.
5T Short Bore General Electric Signa LX MRI Scanner, Millennium MG Nuclear Imaging System and Outpatient Ultrasound and CT Guided Biopsy equipment and an interior private elevator.
Signa Services, a WLAN implementation and support specialist, designed and installed the new system.