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SIGSSpecial Interest Groups
SIGSSecurity in the Government Sector (New Zealand)
SIGSSynthetic Imagery Generation System
SIGSSultan Ibrahim Girls School (Malaysia)
SIGSSimplified Inertial Guidance System
SIGSSpecial Intelligence & General Service
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JDASoftware expands Users Group with addition of 10 SIGs, new VP http://jda.
An Employers' commissioned poll found that 53 percent of small businesses report that they have little or no knowledge of how self-insured groups (SIG) work, despite multiple SIG failures in the past.
When considering or making a change in career paths or roles, SIGs can provide core information and mentors to assist in the transition.
The SIGs are actively involved in ANNA and promoting nephrology nursing.
Your company or institution is invited to become a SIG Institutional Sponsor.
The council is comprised of SIG coordinators and serves as a "House of Representatives" for SIGs.
If ACM doesn't have a special interest group in your particular area of interest, you can start your own, compliments of the SIG Board.
Susquehanna has long distinguished itself, in large part, by the continual advancements we've made in the trading technologies our customers and internal businesses depend on," noted Gina Pinotti, Global Head of Software Development and acting CIO of SIG.
Thanks to mentoring from my SIG colleagues, I was able to present at national meetings, write for the RT Educational Manual, serve as a SIG coordinator, and present at ONS SIG Leadership Workshop on how to develop and lead a SIG.
In accordance with the policy, the SIG Board on July 14th voted to extend the terms of office for the officers (elected in June, 1987) of the following Special Interest Groups: SIGAPL SIGARCH SIGBDP SIGBIO SIGCAPH SIGCAS SIGCOMM SIGCSE SIGCUE SIGDA SIGIR SIGMICRO SIGOIS SIGOPS SIGSAC SIGSAM SIGSIM SIGSMALL/PC SIGUCCS
We chose to become an OAUG SIG because we value the long-term relationship the organization has with Oracle," said Elizabeth Stephens, chairperson of PSCARE.
In fact, since our last annual conference in April 2004, we made nearly 80 percent of our new product functions and enhancements as a result of customer or market requests, with nearly 50 percent of those requests coming directly through our SIGs.