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SIKHSikhism (religion)
SIKHSkandinavisk Institutt for Klassisk Homeopati (Norwegian: Scandinavian Institute of Classical Homeopathy)
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The two Sikhs closed in upon him on each side, and the giant walked behind, while they marched in through the dark gate-way.
We took him to a place which the Sikhs had already prepared.
The three Sikhs got penal servitude for life, and I was condemned to death, though my sentence was afterwards commuted into the same as the others.
Guru, was executed by the Emperor Aurangzeb in 1675, his Sikh followers
According to the official sources, after performing their religious rituals at Gurudawara Sacha Sauda, the Sikh yatrees returned to Janam Asthan Nankana Sahib on the same day where they would also practice their religious services.
Once the bill has been approved, every Sikh marriage that took place before the bill came into force would also gain legal status.
Pakistanhas become the first country to pass a law regulating marriages of the Sikh community," a member of the Punjab Assembly said after the law was passed.
In his letter, he further states that, "It is disturbing to say the least when a handful of unelected Sikhs claim to speak for the wider Diaspora and demand a kingdom for themselves which the Sikh Gurus never did.
India is not ready to digest a reality that Sikh diaspora in North America and Europe has made its mark through hard work and political activism of two generations, no wonder the community occupies very important place in Canadian polity and economy.
It is widely suspected this list has been influenced by some Canadian Sikh politicians exploiting state power for advantage in internal Sikh politics.
The Government, in consultation with Pakistani Sikh community, was taking excellent care of 13 major Gurdwara Sahibs and constantly striving to upgrade and restore historical Sikh sites in phases.
The resolution was spearhead and moved by the Sikh Coordination Committee of East Coast (SCCEC) and American Gurdwara Prabhandik Committee (AGPC), the two largest umbrella organizations of Sikh Gurdwaras and backed by Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) a human rights and advocacy group which is seeking a non-binding referendum in the State of Punjab to create an independent Sikh country "Khalistan," the press issue issued by SfJ said.