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SATYSilent All These Years (Tori Amos song)
SATYSuomen Akateemisten Tutkijoiden Yhdistys (Finnish: Finnish Academics Association)
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Many a time he had asked himself what Trent would do if he knew - only the fear of his complete ignorance of the man had kept him silent all these years. Now the crisis had come!
Have I been silent all these years, and shall I not speak now?
"Why were they (Indian authorities) silent all these years? And, what were their border officials doing?
Former Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) chairman Manuel "Manoling'' Morato admitted that it was a mistake for their family to remain silent all these years that led to the supposed illegal sale of their property.
Yet, they had remained silent all these years since the man running the care home was well politically connected and had threatened them.
Regarding the Pervez Musharaf allegations against Asif Ali Zardari, She responded that is he (Musharaf) knew all things then why he was remained silent all these years? Why he didn't tell to UN Commission?
"It is very unfortunate that the Central government has remained silent all these years and made no effort to help the fishermen adopt alternative methods," he remarked.
Tori hit the big time when her first solo album Little Earthquakes was released in 1992, spawning the singles Silent All These Years, Winter and Crucify.
However, some may ask what took him so long to reveal the alleged bribery after keeping silent all these years.
"I've kept silent all these years because I didn't want to hurt any of these people," the Telegraph quoted Bowers as telling New York Times.
Why was he silent all these years? Doesn't that make him a party to all the dirty politics...?
After all, the marginalized have always appreciated her most, adopting as personal anthems such emotionally charged songs as "Me and a Gun," "Pretty Good Year," and her breakthrough hit, "Silent All These Years." Unlike most of today's artists, she scores top 10 albums and sells out arenas without even trying to make her music accessible to mainstream audiences.