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SNDNSilent Night Deadly Night (movie)
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After collaborating with Florida Georgia Line on the six-times platinum single Cruise, Nelly released his newest chart-topper, The Fix, Featuring Jeremih Today, O2 Academy, Birmingham FILM Trash Film Night presents Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (18) There can no be no complaints about talking in the cinema while this film is on.
From horror to fantasy to offbeat black comedy to outlandish slapstick: Silent Night Deadly Night (Sellier, 1984) | A Very Brady Christmas (Baldwin, 1988) | Ernest Saves Christmas (Cherry III, 1988) | A Christmas Story (Clark, 1983) | Santa Claus The Movie (Schwarz, 1985) | Gremlins (Dante, 1984) | Die Hard - pictured |(McTiernan, 1988) National Lampoon's |Christmas Vacation (Chechik, 1989) Trading Places (Landis, |1983) Scrooged (Donner, 1988) |
your friends needn't know that your prior commitment is to stay at home biting the heads off gingerbread men while watching a holiday-themed slasher flick like Silent Night Deadly Night.