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SPMSouth Park Mexican (rapper)
SPMSupply Chain Management
SPMScanning Probe Microscopy (computer memory)
SPMScanning Probe Microscope
SPMSijil Pelajaran Malaysia (Malaysian Certificate of Education)
SPMStrokes Per Minute
SPMSelamat Pagi Malaysia (Malay: Good Morning Malaysia)
SPMSaint-Pierre et Miquelon (ISO country code, territory of France off east coast of Canada)
SPMSales Performance Management (software)
SPMSuspended Particulate Matter
SPMSystem Power Management
SPMSpectrum Peripheral Module
SPMStatistical Parametric Mapping
SPMSpare Parts Management (various companies)
SPMSoftware Process Model
SPMSuper Paper Mario (Wii game)
SPMSingle Point Mooring
SPMSocial Performance Management (microfinance)
SPMSan Pedro de Macoris (Dominican Republic)
SPMSociedade Portuguesa de Matemática (Portuese: Portuguese Mathematical Society) Portuguese Society of Maths)
SPMSoftware Portfolio Management
SPMSingle Port Mode
SPMSecure Port Module
SPMSpace Switch Module
SPMSingle Port Manager
SPMSegment Placement Method
SPMSystem Performance Monitor
SPMService Provider Module
SPMSelf Phase Modulation
SPMService Process Management
SPMServer Platform Manager
SPMSingle Player Mode
SPMScientific Presentation Manager
SPMSmart Power Module
SPMSignal Processing Module
SPMSession Proxy Manager
SPMShared Property Manager
SPMSecurity Patch Management
SPMSql Plan Management
SPMSecure Policy Manager
SPMSource Path Message
SPMScanning Probe Microscopy
SPMSingle Port Module
SPMSenior Portfolio Manager (various locations)
SPMMail Clerk (US Navy)
SPMSummary for Policy Makers
SPMSoftware Project Management
SPMSenior Project Manager
SPMSelf-Phase Modulation (Fiber Optics)
SPMService Performance Measurement (various companies)
SPMSupport Manager
SPMStrategic Performance Measurement (organization management)
SPMSyndrome Prémenstruel (French: Premenstrual Syndrome)
SPMSingle Phase Motor
SPMSystem Programming and Maintenance (software)
SPMSports Massage
SPMService Parts Management
SPMSoftware Project Manager (GDSSII)
SPMSpecial Purpose Machinery
SPMSystem Performance Monitor (IBM)
SPMSíndrome Premenstrual
SPMServices Planning and Management
SPMSenior Program Manager
SPMState Performance Measure (various locations)
SPMSteps per Minute
SPMSomali Patriotic Movement (political party)
SPMSyndicat de la Presse Magazine (French: Press Syndicate Magazine)
SPMSite Prioritization Model
SPMSingle Premium Mode (insurance)
SPMStandard Port Monitor
SPMSixth Principal Meridian (Kansas)
SPMSouth Porstmouth (Amtrak station code; South Portsmouth, KY)
SPMShore Protection Manual
SPMSafety Program Manager
SPMScratch Pad Memory
SPMSimple Possession of Marijuana (crime; various locations)
SPMShock Pulse Method (using signals from rotating rolling bearings)
SPMSocialist Party of Macedonia (political group)
SPMSystem Program Manager
SPMSoftware Process Management
SPMSuper Pursuit Mode (Knight Rider TV Show)
SPMDepartment of Social and Preventive Medicine (various universities)
SPMSecurity Policy Model
SPMSindicato de Periodistas de Madrid (Spanish: Madrid Union of Journalists; Spain)
SPMSmall Perturbation Method
SPMSaint Peter-Marian (Massachusetts private school)
SPMSpecial Projects Manager
SPMSustainable Project Management
SPMSoftware Performance Monitor
SPMSurface Permanent Magnet (motor)
SPMSilicon Photomultiplier
SPMShaded Pole Motor
SPMSpecialist Practice Mentor (nursing)
SPMSherwood Park Mall (Canada)
SPMSustainability Performance Management (SAP BusinessObjects)
SPMSecurity Patch Management (Altiris)
SPMSpecial Purpose Monitoring
SPMSoftware Programmer's Manual
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SPMServices Procurement & Management
SPMSolar Proton Monitor
SPMSecure Policy Manager (Cisco)
SPMSoftware Program Manager
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SPMService Provider Module (Cisco)
SPMScore Per Minute (gaming)
SPMSolution Project Management Ltd. (UK)
SPMSouthern Praying Mantis (Chinese martial art)
SPMSmart Product Model
SPMSecurity Program Manager
SPMSingle Platform Maximo (software)
SPMSulfuric Acid-Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture (aka Sulfuric Peroxide Mixture)
SPMStructure et Propriétés de La Matière (French: Structure and Properties of Matter)
SPMSolid Particulate Matter
SPMSun Presentation Minimizer (free software)
SPMSampled Pattern Matching
SPMScapuloperoneal Myopathy
SPMSelf-Propelled Mount
SPMSijil Penilaian Menengah (Certificate of Secondary Aggregate)
SPMSubplate Mounted Valve
SPMStatistical Packet Multiplexing
SPMSoftware Process Measurement
SPMStationary Phase Method
SPMSulfuric Peroxide Mixture (aka Sulfuric Acid-Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture)
SPMSociety of Pharmaceutical Medicine
SPMSplit Phase Motor
SPMStandards and Procedures Manual
SPMShip Program Manager
SPMSquished Penny Museum (Washington, DC)
SPMSpontaneous Method
SPMSLEEP/Performance Model
SPMStopping Performance Monitor
SPMStandard Process Manual
SPMSpending Per Minute
SPMSpeed and Phase Matching
SPMSubscribers Private Meter
SPMStrategic Planning Methodology
SPMStatistical Parametric Matching
SPMSubscriber Policy Manager (Shasta Networks)
SPMService Processing Modules
SPMAir St Pierre, St Pierre and Miquelon (ICAO code)
SPMShip Propulsion Motor
SPMSingle Point Manager
SPMSteam & Electric Plant Manual (TMINS)
SPMSun Pointing Mode
SPMSpecialized Processing Module (Telcordia)
SPMSwitching and Processing Module (Tachion)
SPMSubport Manager
SPMSpecial Program Material
SPMSemiconductor Packaging Material Company
SPMSwitch Performance Monitoring System
SPMStandard Preparation Module
SPMSignal Path Manager
SPMShelf Power Module (Ciena)
SPMShip's Project Manager (US Navy)
SPMSuper Memoratus (Latin: Mentioned Above; codices and manuscripts)
SPMSua Propria Manu (written in place of address on personally delivered envelopes)
SPMStatic Propagation Mechanism
SPMStorage Partition Manager
SPMSociety for the Preservation of Motorcyclists
SPMSiderus Packages Manager
SPMSeat-back Processor Module
SPMSystem Performance Model/Modeling
SPMSwitch Power Module (Telabs)
SPMService Purchase and Monitoring Group (New Zealand)
SPMSum-Power Minimization
SPMScratch Pad Message
SPMSolar Panel Management
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Thon, "Fully digital arrays of silicon photomultipliers (dSiPM)--a scalable alternative to vacuum photomultiplier tubes (PMT)," in Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics (Tipp '11), vol.
SensL, a Cork based SME, develops highly innovative and advanced silicon photomultipliers (SiPM).
The use of new photosensors, the silicon photomultipliers, in cosmic rays experiments is also addressed.
On Semiconductor has acquired SensL Technologies, a producer of silicon photomultipliers (SiPM), single photon avalanche diodes (SPAD) and lidar sensing products.
The PhD student project is to work on developing a simulation of the silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs), the sensors used to readout the inner detector and veto, developing algorithms to identify and characterise the sources of noise associated with these sensors.
These devices include photodiodes, silicon photomultipliers, photomultiplier tubes, scientific light sources, infrared detectors, photoconductive detectors, and image sensors.
Hamamatsu will introduce its range of silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs), including peak-shifted multi-pixel photon counters (MPPCs) and modules, hole wire bonding MPPCs, the fourth generation of its VUV-MPPC (VUV4), and a new high-voltage power supply optimised for the firm's comprehensive line-up.
Tenders invited for supply of silicon photomultipliers
Examples of specific topics addressed by the include photon-counting energy-dispersive detector arrays for x-ray imaging, design considerations for positron emission tomography scanners dedicated to small animal imaging, current-mode front-end electronics for silicon photomultipliers, integration charge-measuring systems for radiation detectors in complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technologies, current- and charge-sensitive signal conditioning for position determination, analog-to-digital converters for radiation detection, and time-to-digital converter circuits in radiation detection systems.
Eleven chapters are: CdZnTe and CdTe crystals for medical applications; Monte Carlo modeling of x-ray detectors for medical imaging; medical x-ray and CT imaging with photon-counting detectors; pixelated semiconductor and parallel ASIC design for spectral clinical radiology; silicon photomultipliers in detectors for nuclear medicine; imaging technologies and potential clinical applications of photon-counting x-ray computed tomography; photon-counting detectors and clinical applications in medical CT imaging; radiation detection in SPECT and PET; review of detectors available for full-field digital mammography; grating-based phase-contrast x-ray imaging technique; emerging concept in nuclear medicine: the voxel imaging PET (VIP) project.
According to the company, the HD TOF PET platform is based on digital silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) and lutetium-yttrium oxyorthosilicate (LYSO) crystals, offering a 2.8 mm NEMA PET spatial resolution with time-of-flight (TOF) technology and a large 32cm axial field-of-view.