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SIMITShanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (Shanghai, China)
SIMITSingle Incubation Multilayer Immune Technique
SIMITSize-Induced Metal-Insulator Transition (surface science)
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Abdullah Kavukcu, chairman of the Executive Board of Simit Saray[euro]nA, said: "As Simit Saray[euro]nA; today, we are proud of being delighted our tastes to every culture and every geography of the world.
While you are at it, you must swing by the Levant Emporium not for its greens, tagines and shawarmas but the amazing simit and quinoa bil raihan, a cool salad made of the Peruvian superfood.
In a literal nutshell, a simit is a sesame-bathed bread ring, referred to by some as Turkish bagels -- yet I prefer the original name, especially as a leading Turkish simit/tea house chain has recently expanded overseas.
a, Simit, Gozleme, Paskalya, and Ekmek using Turkish flour as part of the seminar aimed at sharing and exchanging knowledge and information on baking.
On the other hand Istanbul is continually represented in terms of orientalist metaphors; it is "magical" with its "smell of frying fish, trays piled with simit (Turkish bagel-like bread) balanced on vendors' heads, boats crowding the Eminonu piers, everything noisy and sunlit" (p.
Cultivar Genotype Source 1 Syrian Mexico 2 PI-537598 USA 3 Gila Mexico 4 Lesaf Mexico 5 Dinger Mexico 6 697 Mexico 7 Cw-4440 Mexico 8 PI 250536 Mexico 9 Hartman Mexico 10 Kino-76 Mexico 11 LRV-51-51 Mexico 12 S-541 USA 13 Quirigo-88 Mexico 14 Mante81 Mexico 15 CW-88 Mexico 16 Safire Canada 17 Rio-70 USA 18 CW-74 USA 19 S-555 USA 20 Finch USA 21 Bacum92 Simit 22 S-0023 Simit 23 IL-111 Iran 24 LRV-5151 Iran 25 K.
Not your typical gas station food stop, Simit Sarayi boasts tasty Turkish baked goods ranging from simits to wraps and pitas
They couldn't compete with domestic quick-service restaurants (QSRs) such as Simit Saray>, Bay Doner, Pizza Pizza, Bonny Food and Kahve Dunyas>.
The Al-Hokair Group declared that it has inked a master franchise agreement with Turkish Simit Saray?
Meanwhile, food and beverage retailer Simit Sarayi expects to have 100 new outlets in Mena in the next five years, including the UAE, Qatar, Iraq and Iran.
Specialties include kebap (little pieces of broiled or roasted cow, sheep or chicken meat), dE[micro]ner (meat roasted on a vertical spit), lahmacun (Turkish pizza), sokak simit (a large, crispy bagel-like bread roll with sesame seeds) and an array of flaky pastries.
WHETHER THEY ENJOY IT AT BREAKFAST, lunch, dinner, or snack time, Turks have a weakness for the simit.