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SIMITARSimulation In Training for Advanced Readiness
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For its latest coup, Simitar scanned production charts and, after identifying what sounded like high-profile remakes, leapt on the rights to a pair of neglected originals.
Enter independent budget supplier Simitar Entertainment, based here.
Ellins has more than 20 years of experience in television direct marketing and Internet communications and has provided strategic planning services to companies such as, K-tel International, Fingerhut Corporation, Guthy-Renker, Simitar Entertainment, and Stamina Products.
Attending: Kevin Mills, Ellen Endo, co-presidents; Mark Rosen, VP, filmed entertainment, Simitar; Ed Goetz, president, homevideo, Simitar.
On the other hand, independent budget supplier Simitar Entertainment, Minneapolis, has found success with special-interest product.
Previously, Darrow was Executive Vice President of Simitar Entertainment, where he led the creation, acquisition, licensing and distribution of music and filmed entertainment.