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SIMONESimulation One (movie)
SIMONESmallSat Intercept Missions to Objects Near Earth (asteroids study project; European Space Agency)
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GUIDO BARDI, A Florentine prince SIMONE, a merchant BIANNA, his wife
SIMONE. My good wife, you come slowly; were it not better To run to meet your lord?
SIMONE. My noble Lord, You bring me such high honour that my tongue Like a slave's tongue is tied, and cannot say The word it would.
Simone, Your reckless tongue needs curbing; and besides, You do forget this gracious lady here Whose delicate ears are surely not attuned To such coarse music.
SIMONE. True: I had forgotten, Nor will offend again.
SIMONE. You jest, my Lord; She is not worthy of so great a Prince.
Honest Simone, Wool-selling or wool-gathering is for you.
There are other things Closer, and of more import, good Simone.
I like it well, Honest Simone; and, with your good leave, Will toast the fair Bianca when her lips Have like red rose-leaves floated on this cup And left its vintage sweeter.
SIMONE. It is strange, my lord, I cannot eat or drink with you, to-night.
Be not afraid, Simone. I will stand Most constant in my friendship, But to-night I go to mine own home, and that at once.
I have seen Andrea Orcagna, Taddeo Gaddi, Giottino, Stefano, Simone Memmi--men whose very colors I am not worthy to mix.