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SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (internet email)
SMTPSend Mail to People
SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol
SMTPSimple Message Transmission Protocol (computing)
SMTPSub Manifest Transshipment Permit (India)
SMTPSmall Mail Transfer Protocol
SMTPStrategic Medium Term Plan
SMTPShift Manager Training Program
SMTPSource-Model Technique Package
SMTPSpeculative Multithreaded Processor
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API Application Programming Interface * GUI Graphical User Interface * HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol * REST Representational State Transfer * SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol * XML Extensible Markup Language
United Messaging is providing open, Internet standards-based clients running on a POP3 e-mail server with simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) to provide users with the ability to access their e-mail from the Web.
The two companies hope to release a product next year which will combine Sendmail's support for simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) with MessagingDirect's implementations of post office protocol (POP3) and internet mail access protocol (IMAP4).
While designed primarily for Internet transmissions, it also can be used on TCP/IP networks that rely on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
While the Internet has standardized on the TCP/IP protocols the Domain Name System (DNS), and the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and developed highspeed links, BITNET development has lagged behind.
SMTP Link - Transfers a copy of the scanned image to a mail server using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail.
The Internet uses something called the simple mail transfer protocol, or SMTP for short, to deliver mail.
Or rather, that no one noticed sooner how nicely the basic structure of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and the Domain Name Service (DNS) could mesh to provide a killer added-value play in the email space.
During the early days of the Internet, the traffic composition was dominated by protocols such as simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)and file transfer protocol (FTP).