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SQISquare Inch (measurement)
SQISoftware Quality Institute (Griffith University, Queensland, Australia)
SQISimple Query Interface
SQIService Quality Index
SQISoil Quality Institute
SQIService Quality Institute
SQISystematic Quality Improvement
SQISerial Quad I/O (4 bit multiplexed I/O serial interface flash memory device)
SQISoftware Quality Improvement
SQISuper Quest Item (gaming)
SQISpeech Quality Index
SQISubmerged Quench Incinerator
SQISmiling Quietly Inside
SQISterling/Rock Falls, Illinois (Airport Code)
SQIStatement, Quotation, Inference (education)
SQISpecial Qualifications Identifier
SQISoftware Quality Consulting Institute Ltd (Hungary)
SQISpace Quest I (game)
SQIShort-Finned Squid (FAO species code)
SQIStar Quality Images (Temecula, CA)
SQISoftware Quality Investment
SQISolution Quality Index
SQISurveys, Questionnaires, Interviews (data management firm; Canada)
SQIService Qualité Immobilier (French: Quality Real Estate Service)
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The rest of this article is structured as follows: the section "Overview of the Simple Query Interface (SQI)" gives an overview of the main characteristics of the Simple Query Interface.
The Simple Query Interface (SQI) is a standard (3) Application Program Interface (API) for querying heterogeneous learning resource repositories (Simon, Massart, Van Assche, Ternier, & Duval, 2005) (i.e., it covers the first step of the process of obtaining a learning object, previously described).
A legacy system communicates with an adapter using the simple query interface. In turn, the adapter communicates with two elements of the iClass server to which it is connected: the content server and the content distribution system using their respective interfaces.
A simple query interface for interoperable learning repositories.
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