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SEADSuppression of Enemy Air Defenses
SEADSalzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Salzburg, Austria)
SEADSustainable Environment-Actionable Data
SEADService d'Enseignement a Distance (French: Services for Distance Learning)
SEADSeneca Army Depot
SEADSecure Efficient Ad-Hoc Distance Vector (routing protocol)
SEADSocial and Emotional Aspects of Development (UK)
SEADSouth East Airsoft Division
SEADSquare Enix Application on Demand (middleware)
SEADSociety for Ecumenical Anglican Doctrine
SEADSoftware Encryption Algorithm for Data Services
SEADSpace Station Early Assembly Demonstration
SEADSimplified Erection Aid Device
SEADSouth East Arkansas Directories
SEADSun Earth Atmosphere and the Dream (band)
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