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SPZSozialpädiatrisches Zentrum (German: Social Pediatric Center)
SPZSchützenpanzer (German; armoured personnel carrier)
SPZspätzle (dorsoventral patterning, genetics)
SPZSeneca Park Zoo (Rochester, NY)
SPZSource Protection Zone
SPZSimplified Planning Zone
SPZSocionet Personal Zone
SPZStream Protection Zone (Idaho)
SPZSouth Park Zone (website)
SPZSubmarine Patrol Zone
SPZSpiritZ (Runescape Clan)
SPZShip Protection Zone
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Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said: "We are working with three pilot authorities, including Dumfries and Galloway, to bring forward Simplified Planning Zones (SPZs) which aim to speed up the planning process and help promote approved self-build projects.
Developments within a simplified planning zone (SPZ) are still controlled to ensure standards of design and quality and that the zone is developed appropriately, but simplified planning will give businesses in the zone more flexibility to adapt their premises to meet the demands of their markets.
Jamie Cumming, Commercial Director at Hillington Park explained: "Hillington Park is already one of the region's success stories, with a strong track record for attracting and retaining businesses but the change of ownership to Patrizia UK and the award of Scotland's first Simplified Planning Zone (SPZ) status are really exciting developments for the Park with very positive impacts to the local economy.
A few months ago, in this column, I predicted that the Government would cancel PPGS: Simplified Planning Zones. No sooner said than done: in its Planning Green Paper it has announced that SPZs, which give planning dispensations to anyone or any kind of development, will be abolished; they will be replaced by BPZs, `business planning zones', which will allow only high-tech businesses to benefit.
THE CBI Wales is calling on the National Assembly to make a commitment to establishing Simplified Planning Zones.
If you answered, correctly, that it is the planning policy guidance on simplified planning zones (SPZs), very impressive; but when was the last time you heard of it being used, or even referred to?
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