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SINDBADSozialmedizinische Informationsdatenbank für Deutschland (Germany)
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The new system is convenient and flexible, giving Sindbad members countless booking options, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
To celebrate the launch of the partnership, members will earn double Sindbad miles -- 30 Sindbad miles per US$1 -- on all hotel bookings made through Kaligo.
For family festivities the tickets of Sindbad, Fun Land and Fun Dunya will be available for Christian families on 50 per cent discount.
De fil en aiguille, le conteur devient lui-meme Ali Baba et ainsi, le conte prend forme dans toute sa theatralite ou l'on croise Sindbad le marin, Djeha, M'kideche, Loundja, la fille de l'ogresse, Aladin, et tant d'autres.
Its hotels include the Sindbad Beach Resort, the Sindbad Aqua Hotel, and Sindbad Aqua Resort - all in Hurghada, Red Sea, with attractions including Sindbad Aqua Park, Sindbad Submarines, and Sindbad Quest.
Mahfood Al Harthy, chief officer sales for Oman Air, says, 'Members of Oman Air's Sindbad frequent flyers programme are able to accrue Sindbad Miles on all the flights they take using an Oman Air Rahal ticket, and can redeem them against flights at a later date.
Cluny, Claude Michel, Dictionnaire des nouveaux cinemas arabes, Sindbad, Paris, 1978.
Fabulous and rich in anecdotes, yet not unreal tales spun by sailors or imaginative leaps like those of Sindbad (which would appear later in Arabic literature), these two travel accounts are rich in ethnographic details.
Parmi ses publications nous citons : [beaucoup moins que]Talismano[beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, [beaucoup moins que]Christian Bourgois[beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, 1979, [beaucoup moins que]Phantasia[beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, Sindbad, 1986, [beaucoup moins que]Tombeau d'Ibn Arabi[beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, Nol Blandin, 1987, [beaucoup moins que] Les Dits de Bistami [beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, Fayard, 1989, [beaucoup moins que]La Gazelle et l'enfant[beaucoup plus grand que], 1992, [beaucoup moins que]Recit de l'exil occidental par Sohrawardi[beaucoup plus grand que], 1993, [beaucoup moins que]Les 99 stations de Yale[beaucoup plus grand que], 1995, [beaucoup moins que] Portrait du poete en soufi [beaucoup plus grand que], coll.
Abdelwahab Meddeb a ete directeur editorial des Editions Sindbad pendant plus de 13 ans (1974 - 1987).
It may have been here where the tales of Sindbad and Aladdin came from,' said Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality.
The dancing violins, the pizzicatos, the crescendos, the fanfares and the tambourines, the innocent heroine's main theme weaving in and out - this spectacular music colours in the scenes of ships on the open sea, Bagdad festival, tales of Ali Baba and Sindbad the Sailor, the struggle for life, and love.
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