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SPSGSingle Parent Support Group
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SPSGStrategic Partnership Schools Group (various locations)
SPSGStrategic Plan Steering Group
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'A focus on improving the health, education, life chances and job prospects for all young people and their parents is as necessary as any remoralisation agenda.': THE SINGLE MOTHER:Margaret O'Sullivan, 57, of Rhyl, is chair of single parent support group Gingerbread Wales.
Furthermore, each respondent expressed an interest in involving herself and others in a single parent support group to curb feelings of aloneness.
The National Energy Action (NEA) group, a charity which promotes energy efficiency, has organised the free day with Gingerbread North East, a single parent support group.
ACCORDING to single parent support group Gingerbread, which was established in 1970, in 1997 there were 1.7m one parent families in Britain.
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