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SSCPSingle Strand Conformational Polymorphism
SSCPSystem Services Control Point (SNA Networking)
SSCPSystem Services Control Point
SSCPService Switching and Control Point
SSCPSkinny Station Control Protocol
SSCPSmall Self Contained Payload
SSCPSystems Security Certified Practitioner
SSCPSingle Strand Conformation Polymorphism Analysis (animal genetics)
SSCPSystems Security Certified Professional
SSCPSystem Security Certified Practitioner
SSCPSociety for a Science of Clinical Psychology
SSCPSethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (India)
SSCPSubsea Cryogenic Pipeline (energy exploration)
SSCPSmall Self-Contained Payload
SSCPSwiss Society for Coaching Psychology
SSCPSystem Security Certified Practioner
SSCPSubsternal Chest Pain
SSCPStatic Screened Coulomb Potential (physics)
SSCPSelection System for Computer Programmers
SSCPSimultaneously Stretched and Corona Poled
SSCPSoldier Systems Center Phonebook
SSCPSystem Status & Control Panel
SSCPSubmerged Submarine Centrifugal Pump
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For single strand conformational polymorphism (SSCP)-PCR same cycling parameters were used as described above.
Characterization of CAH alleles with non-radioactive DNA single strand conformational polymorphism analysis of the CYP21 gene.
The p-OLD1 and p-OLD2 primer pairs (Table 1) were used to screen OLD-7 for PCR product length differences on agarose gels (hereafter DNA fragment length polymorphisms or DFLPs) and single strand conformational polymorphisms (SSCPs).
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