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SPFPSingle-Precision Floating-Point (computer programming)
SPFPSingle Point Failure Potential
SPFPSaxitoxin Puffer Fish Poisoning (food poisoning syndrome)
SPFPShortest Path First Protocol
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Software analysis led to the conclusion that the limit is caused by the resolution of the single-precision floating-point format used by a 32-bit device and software.
All the implementations are done on DE5 FPGA board using single-precision floating-point computation.
The algorithm employs truncation in a single-precision floating-point environment after converting the binary32 format to a denormalized binary fraction.
Today's FPGAs incorporate hardened digital signal processing (DSP) blocks are capable of implementing efficient 27-bit x 27-bit multipliers that provide extra bits above the normal single-precision 24-bit mantissa requirement for single-precision floating-point arithmetic.
Assuming peak rates for both systems, you can see that the PS3 is highly unbalanced and favors single-precision floating-point performance.
In addition, MATLAB 7 offers built-in support for integer and single-precision floating-point math, as well as language features for managing and analyzing larger data sets.
The resolution will not, however, affect how the data is stored because the single-precision floating-point data type will accommodate either 12- or 16-bit data.
--added single-precision floating-point instructions
Except for IEEE denormals, this allows single-precision floating-point values to be used directly in double-precision arithmetic and branches.
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