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SMDPSanta Monica Daily Press (Santa Monica, CA)
SMDPSaint Martin de Porres (church; various locations)
SMDPSemi-Markov Decision Process (artificial intelligence)
SMDPSenior Management Development Programme (UK)
SMDPSingle-Member District Plurality (voting system)
SMDPScientific/Management Decision Point
SMDPSatellite Multicast Distribution Protocol
SMDPSimple Multimedia Description Protocol
SMDPSimple Medical Data Protocol
SMDPSystem Monitoring Display Protocol
SMDPStandardized Military Drawing Program
SMDPStrategic Management Decision Point
SMDPSupport Maintenance Deployment Plan
SMDPSite Maintenance and Development Plan
SMDPSecurities Market Data Providers
SMDPSales and Management Development Programmes (UK)
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Under our Single-Member District Plurality Voting System, the outcome in a close race is often decided by the way the Swing Vote breaks.
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