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Having controlled the court, the Tran specifically chose Sinic elements to aid in ruling the state; these elements doubtless came out of their coastal culture as well.
Yang rests squarely on the longstanding colonial construction of Vietnam as a "little China", a country whose people and culture were so decisively shaped by their thousand year experience of Chinese rule that they remained essentially sinic and fundamentally unchanged throughout the millennium of independence that followed.
Catching the complexity of Van Leur's position Reynolds further explains that Van Leur's use of certain contradictory metaphors was "brilliantly" engineered to "reverse" the colonial historiography, or permit Southeast Asian agency to "write back" against the modern European empires - as well as all other external influences, including Indic and Sinic. I would add that this analysis gives us a good idea of how the binary opposition between "autonomous" and colonial history was initially set up.
Only two aspects of Vietnam can be seen as being "sinic".
Whether they conceptualize the Nguyen kingdom as forming part of a linear cultural trajectory or as a cyclical point of renewal in Vietnam's Sinic cultural orbit, the general approaches briefly sketched here share the common assumption that the nineteenth century represented continuity with, or reversion to, Confucian cultural patterns of the Le past, whether pre-Tay-son or pre-Mac usurpation (1527-92).
The Chinese tradition of interstate relations is to exercise direct bureaucratic control of the Sinic geographic core, and dominate other participants in the world system as virtual tributaries.
ASIA'S CAULDRON (2014), about the South China Sea, describes how the region's character arises from the intersection of Indian/Khmer and Sinic (Chinese) cultures.
Understood correctly, Huntington's Clash of Civilizations thesis is a call to affirm the worldview of the West, or more accurately the US, by drawing clear distinctions from the Islamic and Sinic civilizations.
Many people argue, especially Mandarin language instructors, that the zhuyin system provides for a greater degree of accuracy in representing the underlying phonetic system of Mandarin Chinese and other languages in the Sinic language family.
In particular, he emphasizes the limits of Indic and Sinic influences, even as he charts the profuse connections between South and East Asia on the one hand and Southeast Asia on the other.