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SFPDSan Francisco Police Department
SFPDSioux Falls Police Department (Sioux Falls, SD)
SFPDSan Fierro Police Department (fictional, gaming GTA: San Andreas)
SFPDSecure Flight Passenger Data (US DHS)
SFPDSchool Facilities Planning Division (California)
SFPDSupplemental Food Programs Division (USDA)
SFPDStaunton Fire Protection District (Staunton, IL)
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On Friday, the Sioux Falls Police Department announced that they believe they've found her.
A spokesman for Sioux Falls Police Department said Jones was charged with simple assault and that another man was charged with aggravated assault.
COPP members then fill out affidavits, which, after notarization, they send to the Sioux Falls Police Department. When the police have located the owner, the City Attorney's Office sends a letter requesting the name of the vehicle's driver.
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