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SIPPEShanghai Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology
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Creemos que en este caso, coincidiria con la idea de Sippe.
Esto garantiza que la vendetta o la Sippe se inserten en un ritual mas o menos complejo.
The gene sequences between SIPPE population and Shanghai Zoo populations are completely identical.
SIPPE 2009 was organized by Shanghai Petroleum Society, CCPIT Pudong Sub-Council, Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corporation and Shanghai Aiexpo Exhibition Service Co.
Esta, finalmente abandono la corte de Toledo en julio del ano 567 con destino a Rouen donde se celebraron sus bodas con Chilperico que entonces era el jefe de la sippe merovingia.
1942 Der Flussname Themse und seine Sippe, Studien zur Anglisierung keltischer Eigennamen und zur Lautchronologie des Altbritischen.
For an example see the altar panel of the Meister der Heiligen Sippe (1486), Erzbischofliches Museum, Utrecht; reproduced in Bynum, Holy Feast and Holy Fast, plate 3.
Die Annahme einer Entlehnung aus der Sippe von got.
The bilateral family, somewhat like the obsolescent wachselnde Sippe "shifting kin group,"(11) has traditionally been considered antithetical to long-lasting "kinship solidarity.
Schmid, `Zur Problematic von Familie, Sippe und Geschlecht, Haus und Dynastie beim mittelalterlichen Adel', Zeitschrift far die Geschichte des Oberrheins, cv (1957), an article that still stands, as the origin of a generation of research and debate (whether family structures and inheritance patterns really changed is quite another matter).
251 where he conjectures [Siththe] is Dobet to surffe for thi soules helpe al that the book bit, the archetypal reading Thanne means 'next (in an order of categories): Sippe does not have that meaning: all its MED senses are temporal.