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SIQSpeech Interaction Queue
SIQSynchronous Input Queue
SIQSample in Question
SIQSoftware Input Queue
SIQServer Index Query
SIQSingle Input Queued
SIQSick In Quarters (US miltary)
SIQSwedish Institute for Quality (technology transfer)
SIQSport Imagery Questionnaire
SIQSingle Input Queue (IBM)
SIQSensational Interests Questionnaire (sadistic personality disorder)
SIQService Immigration du Québec (French: Quebec Immigration Service; Canada)
SIQSuper Italian Quakers (car racing video game)
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Hamad International Airport's (HIA) 'Summer in Qatar (SiQ)' programme engaged more than 7mn passengers from July to August in its award-winning terminal, it was announced on Sunday.
The siq is flanked by more majestic sandstone cliffs and narrows down to an opening between two mountains much like a keyhole.
Before these could be restored, 21 French tourists and two guides were drowned in a flash flood which swept through the Siq in 1963.
Suddenly, the Siq opens into the courtyard of the Treasury.
Results: A total of 670 SIQ's were issued to health care professionals at CMH Lahore in 2014.
The main instrument used to assess the frequency of imagery use among athletes is the Sport Imagery Questionnaire (SIQ) (Hall et al., 1998).
-.243 ** -.069 Emocional Siq. (bilat.) .006 .446 Memoria de Correlac.
Volvo CE's HX1 prototype load carrier has won the Swedish Institute for Quality's (SIQ) Quality Innovation of the Year Award.
Tomas Danielis y Tanz Company Gervasi de Austria (What Kind of Animal Is?); lona Kewney, de Escocia (Black Regent: Mary Queen of Scots Got her Head Chopped Off); Anna Borras, de Espana (Siq); desde Estados Unidos, Carmen Caceres Dance Action (Game Night), The Almanac (Communitas), Colby Damon (Run Barefoot Down the Mountain), iMEE Dance Company (The Secret of Life is to Fall Seven Times & Get Up Eight), y The Shortfellow Danceable Projects con Erick Montes (Agora liquido); Rachel Erdos, de Israel (Black Dog); Gennaro Maione, de Italia (Piet); Tomohiko Kyogoku, de Japon (Kairou); Ahmad Shaaban, de Siria (Cajas Humanas); Horse y su director Wu Kang Chen, de Taiwan (Two Duet), y Agente Libre, de Venezuela (La senora Venus y el Diablo).
The focus of the first volume is the southeastern part of the Petra region, divided into eight areas: Bab es-Siq, the Siq (with Wadi Umm Dfaylah and Wadi al-Hraymiyah), the opening of the Siq, the Theater, Jebel al-Madhbah, Wadi al-Farasah, the base of Jabal al-Khubthab, and the summit of Jabal al-Khubthab.