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SIROSSolar and Infrared Radiation Observing System (hemispherical solar analysis)
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Despite all that good agronomy, experience, and nurturing care can bring to coffee farming, Siros has only recently made money.
Leading edge media designs and confocal detection in the Siros optical drive deliver high signal to noise ratios, high capacity and high data integrity for multiple data layers.
Siros Technologies is developing a new breed of optical transmitters that substantially lowers the cost barriers to optical network deployment.
This investment demonstrates TDK's commitment to the development of increased storage capacity of optical media, and specifically to the success of Siros in that arena.
The agreement will position Siros for rapid commercialization of newly acquired technology, which was invented at Lucent's Bell Laboratories.
Prior to joining Siros, Thornton was Director of Photonic Technology for Maxtek Components Corporation.
Prior to joining Siros, Thornton was the Director of Photonic Technology for Maxtek Components Corporation in Beaverton, Oregon, where he developed a strategy for acquisition of key laser components for a developing portfolio of optical fiber communications modules.
Siros Networks is pioneering the development of highly scalable, interference-immune wireless broadband network infrastructures that will aggregate large numbers of broadband Internet subscribers onto advanced fiber-optic networks.
SEATTLE) Siros Networks Corporation Closes Almost $10 Million of
Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) and Siros Technologies, Inc.