SIRRStation Island Railroad
SIRRSociety of Internet Rugby Referees (website)
SIRRSoftware Integration Readiness Review
SIRRStepped-Impedance Ring Resonator
SIRRSoftware Improvement Recommendation Report
SIRRSoftware Installation Results Record
SIRRSpecial Initiative for Residential-Led Regeneration (UK)
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Dr Sirr told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "There's going to be a whole new cohort of people who will choose to rent for a long time, if not forever as happens in many other European countries.
Al sirr Ahmed Omer denied any relation of the Sudan with the warrning widely circulated and published on the web sites during the two previous days.
SA (Full name and e-mail address supplied) A message to criminals Dear Sirr As anticipated, rights groups and a number of newspapers have criticised the fast-track court verdict in India over the brutal rape and murder of a 23-year-old-girl in Delhi last December.
De las Epistolas pseudo-aristotelicas derivaron otras obras que se pueden clasificar como literatura especular (26) o del genero de adab: el al-siyasa fi tadbir al-ri'asah, centrado en los consejos de buen gobierno del original (27), y el famoso Sirr al-Asrar, Secreto de Secretos, traducido al latin mas tarde.
The transfer characteristics of the proposed SIRR with various dimensions are studied by HFSS 13.
8-1 Owner SirR obert Ogden Trainer SirHenr y Cecil Jockey JohnnyMurta gh Groom John Ormshaw Breeder PremierBlo odstock Distances 1/2l,nk
Paul and radiologist Steven Sirr of Minneapolis, who is also an amateur violinist, had for several years been using computed tomography to examine stringed instruments.
CT scanning offers a unique method of noninvasively imaging a historical object," Steven Sirr, a radiologist at FirstLight Medical Systems in Mora, Minn, said.
His two-volume autobiography (1,156 pages) is an intimate account of his life story, the inner workings of al-Qa'ida and his role as its amin sirr, "confidential secretary," since 1998.
Men making a living off prostitution were more visible in secret brothels Bayt Sirr outside al-Khubiza where power, intimidation, and strong social connections were needed to sustain business against the will of resentful neighbors and police.