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SIRTSecurity Incident Response Team
SIRTSimultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique
SIRTSelective Internal Radiotherapy
SIRTStaten Island Rapid Transit Railway Company
SIRTSerious Incident Response Team
SIRTSpam Incident Reporting & Termination (CastleCops)
SIRTSignaling Information Receiver/Transmitter
SIRTScreen Industries Research and Training Centre (Canada)
SIRTShot Indicating Resetting Trigger (firearms)
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Therefore, the selective manner in which each inflammatory cell provides energy may differently alter each SIRT because cellular localizations differ.
In a no-live-ammo classroom environment, the instructor can use the SIRT pistol to demonstrate everything except slide-racking.
A Welsh Government spokeswoman said: "The minister has asked offi-cials to examine the viability of joining the Commissioning through Evaluation programme in order for certain patients in Wales to benefit from SIRT.
The NHS had previously allowed the use of SIRT, paid for by the Cancer Drugs Fund.
Bu olgu gebelik ve takip eden laktasyon suresinde bel ve sirt agrisi ile basvuran hastalarda osteomalazinin de akilda tutulmasi gereken patolojilerden biri oldugunu vurgulamak ve literatur esliginde tartismak icin sunulmustur.
1) Akral bolgelerde (palmoplantar bolgede), birbirine paralel dizilim gosteren sirt ve oluklarin olusturdugu deri yuzey cizgilenmeleri nedeniyle, bu anatomik bolgede yerlesmis pigmente lezyonlar diger deri alanlarindan farkli olarak, karakteristik paralel patern gosterirler.
There Ministry is trying to get permissions from the Libyan authorities and allied forces to allow Egyptian ships dock at Misrata and Sirt to evacuate thousands of expatriates," Mohamed Abdul Hakam told a press conference.
The government has been trying to block opposition forces from advancing to Sirt.
145 Turkish citizens were brought back home from Libyan cities of Tripoli and Sirt by a military aircraft.
When it came to Jerusalem, the Sirt Arab Summit allocated $5oo million to support steadfastness in Jerusalem,' he said.
In his letter, Saleh congratulated Gaddafi on the success of the last Arab and African summits in Sirt city, praising the leader's care of activating the Arab-African work.