SISAMSocieta Intercomunale Servizi Alto Mantovano (Italian: Inter-Company Services South Mantovano; Italy)
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(2) See Kenneth Sisam, 'The Compilation of the Beowulf Manuscript', in Studies in the History of Old English Literature (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1962), pp.
Sisam 1933: 5, 8; Murray 1995: 128, 2000: 628, 636; Fulk 1996: 499; Mailhammer 2007: 42), and to Kurath's (1956: 438) stance on the operative status of OSL and the loss of geminate (long) consonants in Northeast Midlands and part of the North in Early Middle English.
That led to an amazing improvement in attendance," Sisam said.
The fact that two scribes collaborated on the manuscript indicates, as Kenneth Sisam observes, "that it was the undertaking of a community, not of an individual who made a copy for his own use." The manuscript, moreover, is fairly unadorned, which suggests that its makers prioritized use over appearance.
Sisam, Secretary to the Delegates of the Clarendon Press asked me to write a History [of Byzantine music] ...
The proposed emendations I have based on these glosses, to be sure, are nothing if not conjectural, but as Kenneth Sisam argued for manuscripts not much older than this one, it 'would be a real gain if conjecture, instead of being reserved for the useful but disheartening task of dealing with obvious or desperate faults, were restored to its true functions, which include probing as well as healing'.
Sisam, the patient's obstetrician whom she sued for medical malpractice, the plaintiff"discovered" facts showing negligence by the hospital, whose first-year resident had "disappeared" for almost two hours.
Son ya ampliamente conocidos y utilizados los manuales de Mitchell & Robinson (1992), de Bravo et al (1992) o los clasicos de Sweet (Davis 1953 & Whitelock 1967) para el periodo del ingles antiguo y de Sisam (1967), Bennet & Smithers (1968) y Burrow & Turville-Petre (1996) para el periodo del ingles medio.
Manuscript punctuation in the Vercelli Book is notoriously irregular and unreliable.(11) What punctuation there is in The Dream of the Rood is, Swanton concludes, `apparently syntactical rather than metrical in intention, simply marking ends of sentences or pauses within sentences'.(12) The first half of the poem (up to line 77) is much more densely punctuated than the second half; Celia Sisam notes that `this reflects the change from shorter to longer sentences in the latter half of the poem, rather than a difference between the two halves in punctuating practice.'(13) The manuscript punctuation of lines 95 to 103a of the poem is as follows:
Sisam, 'An Old English Translation of a Letter from Wynfrith to Eadburga (A.D.
Submitted by: Stantec Architecture and Montgomery Sisam Architects/Perkins+Will TORONTO
In 1931, at the recommendation of Kenneth Sisam, another New Zealander, and others, the Delegates of the Clarendon Press invited de Beer to prepare and edit the first complete edition of the diary of John Evelyn.