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S-T-SSit-to-Stand (health equipment)
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Sit-to-stand (STS) exercise uses the repetitive motion of standing up and sitting down on a chair, a common activity of daily living (Dall and Kerr, 2010).
In this musculoskeletal simulation, the movement consisted of normal level walking followed by sit-to-stand task.
Abbreviations: CoM = center of mass, CoP = center of pressure, MT = momentum transfer, NSERC = Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, RMS = rootmean-square, STS = sit-to-stand.
Major Finding: After 12 weeks, patients in the exercise intervention group had a 19% improvement in the 6-minute walk test and a 29% improvement in the sit-to-stand test.
The Sit-to-Stand Power Base is battery operated, and has custom mounts for multiple seating or standing options, and meets FDA requirements.
These sit-to-stand standers have a "glider" attachment that allows the person to use either their arms, or a combination of arms and legs, to operate the mechanism and "glide" in a reciprocal walking type pattern.
Invacare's Reliant 440 Sit-to-Stand Lift is suitable for use with weight-bearing and fully dependent residents, as well as those needing rehab support.
Mary's uses two types of lifts, the sit-to-stand and the full-sling, depending upon the desired outcome and the time of day.
Developed to strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, and provide greater stability for sitting, standing, and transfers, the Sit-to-Stand Exerciser from Endorphin Corporation duplicates a resident's sit and stand motion.