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SITASociété Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques
SITAState Information Technology Agency (South Africa)
SITASociety of Information Theory and Its Applications
SITASwedish Interactive Thresholding Algorithm (visual field testing)
SITASearch Incident to Arrest
SITASister Islands Tourism Association
SITAState Independent Telephone Association of Kansas
SITASelected Image Target Area
SITASideward Impact Test Apparatus
SITASwitched IP Through ATM
SITASuppression of Immoral Traffic Act of 1956
SITASomething in the Air
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Under the banner of 'Transform 2006' SITA has outlined four key objectives that will dramatically change its relationship with the air transport industry.
Entre los clientes de SITA se cuentan companias aereas, empresas aeroespaciales, aeropuertos, transportistas de carga aerea, distribuidores de viajes, agencias de viajes automatizadas y organizaciones gubernamentales.
In Latin America, more than 40 airlines are SITA customers, and SITA has branched out to provide telecom and information services, maintenance and equipment to airports, air cargo operations and passenger reservations through GABRIEL, the largest multihost passengers reservation system in the world.
I'm so sick of all this devotion," says Sita to Rhada on a day of fasting (the women don't eat for a day so their husbands will have long lives).
In tin chemistry the rule of thumb is 'if it's colored it's important,'" Sita says.
In the 2010 SITA Passenger Self-Service Survey, when asked what makes for a pleasant trip, passengers ranked short queues in second place after punctuality.
SITA AirportVision, the dynamic media rich flight information display system will also be used in Terminal 4 to provide real-time updates to passengers throughout the check-in and boarding areas.
It is this unrivalled presence at more than 1,000 of the world's airports which makes SITA the ideal technology partner.
SITA provides IT services to streamline passenger check-in and boarding as well as improve efficiency and communication between airlines and the airport.
Royal Jordanian and aviation IT specialist SITA, have announced a major deal for a fully managed service for desktops, printers, servers and infrastructure to the airline's global network of 56 out-stations over five years.
This is within 1% of the previous year's figures and has allowed SITA to return more than $60m in cash and price reductions to its member owners.
by SITA, a provider of IT applications to airports, to modernise Russia's small-to-medium sized airport sector.