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SSTSea Surface Temperature
SSTStainless Steel
SSTSilicon Storage Technology Inc. (manufacturer of memory chips; Sunnyvale, CA, USA)
SSTSmart Stop Technology (vehicles)
SSTSanté et Sécurité Au Travail (French: Health and Safety at Work)
SSTSewage Sludge Treatment
SSTSocial Skills Training (various organizations)
SSTSupersonic Transport
SSTSolid State Technology
SSTStudent Support Team
SSTStudent Study Team (California)
SSTSerum Separator Tube (blood specimen collection)
SSTSamoa Standard Time (time zone)
SSTSuperconductor Science and Technology (journal)
SSTShipboard (Weapon) Suitability Test
SSTSocial Security Tax
SSTState Support Team (Ohio educational support agency)
SSTSurface Skin Temperature
SSTStream Sub Text
SSTSerialized Certificate Store
SSTSport Shift Transmission
SSTSource to Sink Throughput
SSTSelf Supporting Tire
SSTSubsystem Status Test
SSTSnapshot Status Table
SSTSylicon Storage Technology
SSTSet Standard Tone
SSTSmart System Technologies
SSTScion Sport Tuning
SSTSystem Service Tools
SSTSport Shift Transmission (Mitsubishi-Motors)
SSTStatistical Significance Test
SSTSingapore Standard Time (time zone)
SSTSpecial Service Tool
SSTSpread-Spectrum Technology
SSTSpread Spectrum Technology
SSTSchool of Science and Technology
SSTSpitzer Space Telescope (formerly Space Infrared Telescope Facility; NASA)
SSTSunday Star-Times (New Zealand newspaper)
SSTSum of Squares for Treatments (statistics)
SSTSimulation and Software Technology (US NASA)
SSTSubject Specific Terminology
SSTSelf Service Terminal (another name for ATM)
SSTSolaris Security Toolkit (software)
SSTSatellite-to-Satellite Tracking
SSTSport Specific Training (Burlington, ON, Canada)
SSTScientific Support Team (US NOAA)
SSTStructured Stream Transport (computer protocol)
SSTSecurity and Safety Technologies (conference)
SSTSystem Suitability Test
SSTSummer Swim Team (various organizations)
SSTSeven Summits Trader (software)
SSTShear Stress Transport (turbulence modeling aeronautics)
SSTStudy of School Turnaround (US Department of Education)
SSTStandard Space Trainer (global positioning system)
SSTSaturated Suction Temperature
SSTSingle-Shell Tanks
SSTSelf Supporting Tire (Run-Flat Tire)
SSTSecondary School Teacher
SSTShort Synacthen Test
SSTShowa Steel Tube Works (Japan)
SSTStandard Serviceability Test (engineering)
SSTSum of Squares Total
SSTTraining Submarine (US Navy ship designation)
SSTSpectroscopic Survey Telescope
SSTShelter Survey Technician
SSTSimple SIPP Transition
SSTSouth Sumatra Time (GMT+0700)
SSTSafe Secure Transport
SSTSatuan Sambungan Telepon (Indonesian: fixed telephone line)
SSTSpin-Steer Technology (John Deere)
SSTScholarship Selection Test
SSTSears Smart Toolbox
SSTScheduled Start Time
SSTSecurity Services and Technologies
SSTStores System Test (weapons software)
SSTSingle System Trainer (NASA)
SSTSafe Secure Trailer
SSTSingle Spanning Tree (protocol)
SSTSolid State Transformer
SSTSynchronous Service Transport (US West)
SSTSweet Smelling Toilet (campground pit latrines and outhouses)
SSTSolid State Transmitter
SSTSite-Specific Training (radiation)
SSTShiva Smart Tunneling
SSTShort Subject Training
SSTStrategic Support Team
SSTSpace Surveillance Telescope (DARPA research program)
SSTSega Sound Team (band)
SSTSolid Sloped Tail (truck body)
SSTStereotactic Subcaudate Tractotomy (psychosurgery to treat depression)
SSTStatistical Software Testing
SSTSubsystem Status Test (ANSI)
SSTSolar Space Telescope
SSTSolid State Tuners (American Independent Record Label)
SSTSelf-Sufficiency Trust
SSTStation Service Transformer
SSTSend Special Information Tone Signal (CCS #7 & ITU-T)
SSTSelf-Similar Traffic
SSTSystem Support Team
SSTSession Start Time
SSTSummer School Teacher
SSTSoftware Support Team (various companies)
SSTSecondary Service State (DSC)
SSTSupervisor Safety Training
SSTSimultaneous Self-Test (computing)
SSTSingle Subscriber Terminal
SSTSite Survey Team
SSTSupersonic Target
SSTSteady-State Thermodynamics
SSTSingle Sideband Transmitter
SSTSpacecraft Systems Test
SSTSuper Serial Technology
SSTSatellite Servicing Technology
SSTSchool Student Transaction
SSTSoftware Technology Incorporated
SSTSignaling Service Type
SSTSustained Stewardship TeraFLOP
SSTSocial Shaping Technology
SSTScowling Street Terror
SSTSupply and Service Team (defense industry)
SSTSystèmes de Sécurité et Télésurveillance (French: Security Systems and Monitoring)
SSTScaleable, Stackable Technology (Intel)
SSTSystem Stress Test
SSTSenior Surveillance Technician (AWACS surveillance position; replaced AAST)
SSTShort Supervisory Transition (NSSSOG)
SSTSeattle Skeet and Trap (club)
SSTSanitary Stainless Tubing
SSTSynthesis of Simulation Technologies (Computer-Aided Engineering)
SSTShort Suit Total (bridge game)
SSTSystem Software Test
SSTSubscriber-Transferred Signal
SSTShip Surveillance and Targeting
SSTSurgical/Scrub Technician
SSTSuper Sports Touring (AMC cars)
SSTSerata Stress Technology
SSTStealth Strike Team
SSTSystem Subsystem Test
SSTSender Short Timing
SSTSingle-Sided Tomography
SSTSpecial Surveillance Team
SSTSignature Sequence Type
SSTSimple System Test
SSTSocioemotional Selective Theory
SSTSwitch System Testing (Sprint)
SSTService Specification Template (US Department of Defense Net-Centric Architecture)
SSTSerial Scan Test
SSTSustained Stockpile TeraFLOP
SSTSurface Science Technique
SSTSponsored Search Term
SSTShape Shifting Trie (longest matching prefix lookup)
SSTScalable Spanning Tree
SSTStakeholder Support Team (Pension Protection Fund; UK)
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Site-specific training programs can address issues such as personnel and guest protection and procedures for operating water systems that can be sources of the legionella bacteria.
As they sign in, they are asked to pay attention to site-specific training especially as related to mine hazards, such as noise.
Throughout its standards, OSHA requires general safety training, site-specific training and task-specific training.
But World Security goes a step further in ensuring that its clients are fully satisfied with the security guards they are given-Al Kaabi says that the company has specialist trainers who go to sites where guards have been deployed, and give them additional site-specific training as well.
All new employees have completed mandatory trainings and additional site-specific training tailored to each resident based on his behavior, medical and dietary needs.
Additionally, the prospective contractor should be able to demonstrate site-specific training of employees.
As a result of offering continuing credit, MetLife Auto & Home has seen a significant increase in requests for training that goes above and beyond the introductory, required, or site-specific training the company normally provides.
In addition to the NSTC training, they received company site-specific training and certification.
Our people know exactly when and where they will be going, and we are able to provide them with site-specific training that allows them to hit the ground running at Kirkuk."
Over 90% then receive additional, site-specific training, more than 70% of which is provided by a faculty member and 20% by the IRS.
In addition to an initial 40-hour training regimen, every FJC guard receives 16 hours of pre-assignment site-specific training at the client's location, as well as additional training in professional conduct, customer service, resident relations and law enforcement interaction.
Site-specific training. During site-specific training, officers learn what is entailed in handling specific security reports.