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SAWSports Arbitrage World (website)
SAWScreening Analysis Worksheet
SAWStaphylococcus Aureus Wood (antigen)
SAWSecurity Archive Workstation (Honeywell Vindicator Security Solutions)
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The researchers began by identifying all actions taken by the decision maker and all shifts in situation awareness that occurred throughout each incident.
Catharina Candolin, Section Chief of the Cyber Defence Section at Finnish Defence Forces, said about Codenomicon Clarified Situation Awareness solution, "The visualizations were excellent, they allowed us to keep up with the progressing situation during the whole exercise.
Information overload associated with presenting too much information can also act to obscure needed information, leading to a loss of situation awareness.
Codenomicon has an impressive customer list from the government and defense market and they were the natural choice to bring our situation awareness solutions to the global market.
To do so, we must continue to improve our space situation awareness, develop attack warning, as well as appropriate self-defense capabilities, and the doctrine, strategies, and capabilities needed to conduct counterspace operations.
The system will include Expanded Situation Awareness Insertion (ESAI) software, the Common Low-Observable Autorouter (CLOAR) and a high-performance processor capable of running the CLOAR and ESAI software in real time.
Harris (HFI Solutions Ltd, UK) presents a systemic overview of the role of human factors in aviation, covering scientific understandings of human information processing, workload, situation awareness, decision making, error, and individual differences; human-associated issues of pilot selection, training and simulation, stress, fatigue, alcohol, and environmental stressors; machine-associated factors such as display design, aircraft control, automation, and human-computer interaction on the flight deck; and managerial issues such as flight deck safety management, airline safety management, and incident and accident investigation.
Real-time information correlation for maximum situation awareness allows avoidance or timely passive or active defense when necessary.
Verint's Nextiva solution will help us improve situation awareness and take immediate and informed action in the event of an emergency situation.
078 Target architecture and system requirements for an enhanced cyber situation awareness.
They cover information technology service management and its support; data management in life sciences and medicine; flexible database and information system technology; text-based information retrieval; web semantics; information systems for situation awareness and management; data, logic, and inconsistency; interactive multimodal pattern recognition in embedded systems; biological knowledge discovery and data mining; exploiting large knowledge repositories; ontologies meeting workflow for enhancing collaborative process management; and recommender systems meet databases.
The division's fully interactive driver-training systems feature state-of-the-art vehicle simulator technology enabling training in situation awareness, risk analysis and decision making, emergency reaction and avoidance procedures, and conscientious equipment operation.
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