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SIUNASeafarers International Union of North America
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Entre 1994 y 1998, mas de 75 por ciento de la vastedad del territorio del municipio de Siuna fue entregado en concesion a siete companias mineras extranjeras.
De la cosecha de Azucena en el 2008 la Union de Cooperativas Multisectoriales de Siuna dono una muestra para la realizacion del estudio.
As a Nicaraguan in Siuna, when you get to this age, you are expected to marry, start a family - if you are a man, start a farm and, if you are a woman, keep house and have children.
While the exchanges over electoral politics and lawsuits continued, Aleman and Defense Minister Jose Adan Guerra announced a security plan for the RAAN municipalities of Bonanza, Rosita, and Siuna.
The areas targeted were Wiwili, along the banks of the Coco River; Siuna, northeast of the Tuma River; Paiwas, south of Rio Grande de Matagalpa; and communities in Quilili, near the Jicaro River.
And vet Siuna Whitehead told magistrates in Lytham, Lancs, she would not go to the dog because "I value my life.
Also in Zelaya Province are the rehabilitated Siuna mine, where mill capacity has been raised to 2,000 t/d, and the La Luz open pit estimated to contain reserves of nearly 2 Mt averaging 0.
The Americas Watch study also reports on a grisly episode in 1988 when Sandinista troops captured and brutally executed six contra collaborators near Siuna.
Water access project to benefit a rural community in Siuna, Nicaragua.
The Ministry of Energy & Mines granted to the Canadian company Blue Stone Gold Mining a 25 year mining exploration concession in the municipalities of Prinzapolka, Siuna and Rosita, reports Laprensa.
El FUAC, que segun el gobierno aglutina lo mismo a sandinistas que a algunos exmiembros de los "contras", tiene presencia concretamente en la region conocida como el "triangulo minero", en la porcion del Atlantico norte, formado por los municipios de Siuna, Rosita y Bonanza.