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SIUNASeafarers International Union of North America
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Expected Development Impact : MLR Forestal is a Nicaraguan company interested in a pre-feasibility study that will allow it to determine whether or not to utilize wood and plant wastes from company lands to fuel an energy generation project in Siuna.
It will however, provide results that may allow the client to expand and improve its reforestation effort in the Northern Autonomous Atlantic Region of Nicaragua (RAAN for its initials in Spanish), possibly as part of an energy project that would reduce the town of Siuna's reliance on fossil fuels for its energy needs (diesel is currently shipped to Siuna and burned to provide energy).
As a Nicaraguan in Siuna, when you get to this age, you are expected to marry, start a family - if you are a man, start a farm and, if you are a woman, keep house and have children.
Two AMNH specimens recently collected from Siuna (00[degrees] 45' S, 122[degrees] 58' E), close to the base of the Balantak Mountains near the eastern tip of east-central Sulawesi, are similar in appearance to nominate atrifrons.
While the exchanges over electoral politics and lawsuits continued, Aleman and Defense Minister Jose Adan Guerra announced a security plan for the RAAN municipalities of Bonanza, Rosita, and Siuna.
The Ministry of Energy & Mines granted to the Canadian company Blue Stone Gold Mining a 25 year mining exploration concession in the municipalities of Prinzapolka, Siuna and Rosita, reports Laprensa.
in addition to our 100% owned Siuna District gold targets including the Montes de Oro gold project.
The program will be expanded to include nearby Quilali and Siuna as well.
The metals were found 20 kilometers south of the mining city of Siuna, in Nicaragua's North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN), 350 kilometers northeast of Managua, following three years of exploration over a 500-kilometer area;