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SNFStrong Nuclear Force
SNFSkilled Nursing Facility
SNFShiv Nadar Foundation (India)
SNFShin Nihonkai Ferry (Japan)
SNFSpherical Near-Field
SNFSteve Nash Foundation (Canada and US)
SNFSunday Night Football
SNFSpent Nuclear Fuel
SNFServer Normal Format
SNFSecure Network Fabric
SNFSystem Noise Filter
SNFShared Network Facilities
SNFStandby Noise Filter
SNFSaturday Night Fever (movie)
SNFStanford Nanofabrication Facility
SNFSociétés Non Financières (French: Non-Financial Corporation)
SNFSafety Net Foundation (various locations)
SNFSemiconductor Nanofabrication Facility (Australia)
SNFSchweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Swiss National Science Foundation)
SNFServer Natural Format
SNFSamfunns- og næringslivsforskning AS (Centre for Research in Economics and Business Administration; Norway)
SNFStrategic Nuclear Forces (US DoD)
SNFsymbiotic nitrogen fixation
SNFSave Nature Free
SNFShort-Range Nuclear Forces
SNFSun and Fun (yearly spring flying festival in Florida)
SNFSiskiyou National Forest (Oregon, USA)
SNFStavros Niarchos Foundation (Athens, Greece philanthropic organization)
SNFSiuslaw National Forest
SNFSo Not Fair
SNFStanding Naval Force
SNFSocial Network Fatigue
SNFSecret No Foreign
SNFShow No Fear
SNFSampled Netflow
SNFSulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde
SNFSystem Noise Figure (electronics)
SNFSo Not Funny
SNFSabine National Forest (Texas)
SNFSkilled Nursing Floor
SNFSyndicat des Naturalistes de France (French; now Syndicat des Naturalistes Taxidermistes de France)
SNFScoutNet Finland
SNFStrongest Neighbor Filter
SNFSpecial Nuclear Fuel
SNFSupporting Navy Forces
SNFSupplemental Nomenclature File
SNFService National des Fouilles (French: National Excavation Service)
SNFSingle-Net Fault
SNFStandards Neutral Format (QAD Inc. file layout)
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But the impact on the Willamette and Siuslaw national forests, Crater Lake National Park and some health programs for low- income families was less clear.
Finally, in Case 4, two of eight (25%) Siuslaw National Forest officials indicated that they communicate most with timber interests, while four (50%) said that they communicate most with preservation interests, and two (25%) reported most communication with recreation interests.
In case 4 (Oregon State Forests and Siuslaw National Forest), national officials hosted a variety of public meetings in 1995.
We stepped onto the first grated walkway, marveling at its cut through the rocky gorge while presenting such a thrilling beneath-the-feet view of waterflow (a plaque at the catwalk entrance honors Lake Price, noted for building the first catwalk and other structures in the Siuslaw National Forest).
The Siuslaw National Forest is offering free access to recreation day-use sites on Saturday, and holding events for volunteers and public lands enthusiasts this week, in observance of National Public Lands Day.
28 at Siltcoos Beach south of Florence; led by Dale Dombrowski, volunteer with the Siuslaw National Forest and Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife; will cross the dune to the beach and last at least 90 minutes; dogs not allowed; bring binoculars, water, sunscreen and weather-appropriate clothing; each walk limited to 12 people and participants must be age 12 or older; RSVP to
And what is happening in the Siuslaw National Forest can inform the Tongass.
The fee increases in the Willamette forest were proposed just days after Siuslaw National Forest officials released a similar proposal to increase and add recreation fees.
Indian Creek Watershed Restoration - The Siuslaw National Forest seeks input on a proposed restoration project within the 30,800-acre Indian Creek Watershed near Florence, at 6 p.m.
A presentation on native Oregon truffles and the special forest products harvested on the Siuslaw National Forest will be on the agenda of the 6:30 p.m.
LRAPA's concern with bonfires stems in part from festivals held several years ago at privately owned Prindel Creek Farm, in a valley deep in the Siuslaw National Forest on the north Lane County border with Lincoln County.