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6DOFSix Degree of Freedom
6DOFSix Degrees of Freedom
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The controllers, which offer six degrees of freedom, feature an analog trigger that gives users the ability to interact with objects with pressure-sensitive input.
Caption: The XM60 volumetric laser calibration system uses laser interferometry to measure all six degrees of freedom of each machine axis in a single pass.
The developed DKMQ folded plate element has six degrees of freedom, comprising three translational and three rotational components, at each element node.
The basic mechanism behind spine assist is its ability to limit the surgeon's natural full range of motion from six degrees of freedom to two degrees of freedom, thereby helping to bring the surgeon to a pre-defined point of the anatomy at a precise trajectory which is based on the pre-operative plan.
Users will enjoy the six degrees of freedom, no tracking boundaries and the included wireless motion controllers.
The purpose of this in vivo study was to investigate the position of mandibular condyles during wearing of occlusal splint with the use of the ultrasound jaw tracking device with six degrees of freedom, and to determine the influence of splint thickness on the condylar position.
Virtual reality remains a hot topic among chip companies like Intel, which see the demands of VR-high video resolutions at high frame rates, with sensor inputs across six degrees of freedom requiring even more computational horsepower-as a driver for new, more powerful chip architectures.
The SDK features six degrees of freedom pose tracking, low-latency sensor fusion, as well as 3D obstacle detection and object recognition.
Their topics include educational data mining and the Indian technical education system, the analysis of different feature description algorithms in object recognition, a thinning strategy for character images based on nearest opposite contour pixel, a study on various image processing techniques and hardware implementation using the Xilinx system generator, a new redundant manipulator robot with six degrees of freedom controlled with visual feedback, and an in silico approach to predicting the epitope for designing a novel vaccine delivery system.
The robot's highly-articulated arm gave the system six degrees of freedom rather than the three degrees afforded by traditional 3D printers.
Developed with Goertek, a global ODM, the Snapdragon VR820 includes features such as integrated eye tracking with two cameras, dual front facing cameras for six degrees of freedom (6DOF) and see-through applications, four microphones, gyro, accelerometer, and magnetometer sensors.
The platform also generates small, controlled forces and torques to shake satellite instruments and components in six degrees of freedom. The 6D0F microvibration platform will be used by ESA at its European Space Research and Technology Centre in Noordwiijk, Netherlands.