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The six-dimensional nonlinear system was given by the following equation:
But they are not clearly informed about this six-dimensional space model and as a result, use the same terms in a system in a different order.
To contrast Minimal Hermite interpolation with regular Hermite interpolation, compare the "success" of harmonic polynomials to failure of regular six-dimensional space polynomials [[PI].
The AHDR presented a six-dimensional index of human development according to which world countries were rank-order.
7 (e)] is the six-dimensional position and orientation information of the stylus of the PHANTOM device.
He describes Hook and Darling as ``flipsides of the same psyche -which means I am already up to being six-dimensional.
Korean Endgame has strong chess overtones, given the China/Russia/Japan/ North Korea/South Korea/US grid as the arena where all country actors have only hawks and pragmatists (no doves fly in this six-dimensional space).
It has six legs and operates in six-dimensional space but is a generation beyond that," he adds.
Its six-dimensional scalability allows retailers to grow in transaction volume, while continuing to add retail channels, payment methods, features, and applications.
Aegis has demonstrated effective leadership in developing an innovative program - Six-Dimensional Diversity Framework @ Aegis for employee engagement and retention, for which they have been recognized under - 'Best Companies for Unique Initiative/Programme'.
Aegis was selected as the 2013 winner for excellence in diversity and inclusion for its six-dimensional diversity framework encompassing a collective mixture of individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences and behaviors.
They first present fast algorithms, updated constructions, existence results, and generalized forms for Walsh and Hadamard matrices, then two, three, four, and six-dimensional matrices and transforms.