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6DSixth District (Washington, DC police)
6DSixth Dimension
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In simple terms, the sixth dimension can be used to model the complexity of the motion of a concept.
Celerity Energy, Portland, Ore., using a fully managed communications network designed and maintained by Sixth Dimension, Inc., Ft.
The "digital backbone" that holds this disparate network together is Sixth Dimension's 6D iNET intelligent network.
Included in each enclosure is Sixth Dimension's embedded site server that provides local processing power and simple connectivity to the 6D iNET network Each embedded site server is equipped to dynamically load and run the software components that comprise the specific configuration.
Sixth Dimension offers a variety of software components for such applications as: broadcast messaging; real-time metering, monitoring, alarming, and control; resource aggregation; scheduled dispatch; power operator EMS integration; external data integration; data management; as well as custom components for specific applications.
New West Energy has been working with California Portland Cement, Sixth Dimension and the ISO since June in an effort to implement the program.
Sixth Dimension, a Colorado-based company with an office in Fremont, Calif., is fast becoming the market leader in providing an intelligent, secure Internet-based network that offers new and scalable communication and control capabilities for building energy-related solutions.
"Sixth Dimension is proud to be the first company to offer Internet-based solutions that facilitate load participation in real-time energy markets," said Sunil Cherian, Sixth Dimension's chief executive officer.
Sixth Dimension's technology allows providers to alert their commercial and industrial customers to surpluses and shortages in real time, thereby leveling the peaks and valleys of demand.
That would be far superior to the status quo in energy markets, Cherian said, which, "in a lot of cases, is not managed in any comprehensive manner at all." Incorporated in 1997, Sixth Dimension has grown from a trio of co-founders to 25 employees.
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