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We are thrilled to say that Street Sk8er is the first title to deliver PlayStation players the ultimate fantasy adventure in skateboarding," said Tarrnie Williams Jr.
La Lavigne branches out on a sassy sequel that doesn't quite boast a Sk8er Boi, although both the power pop punch of He Wasn't and stadium singalong My Happy Ending come close.
The Sk8er Boi singer said yesterday she was too weak to move or even talk after being struck down by Lyme disease in October.
Her debut, Let Go, with singles Complicated and Sk8er Boi, sold 16 million copies worldwide.
Apparently the former choir girl and Sk8er Boi songstress is constantly partying, drinking heavily and falling out with friends as a result.
Singer Deryck Whibley just got engaged to Sk8er Girl Avril Lavigne - and guitarist Dave Baksh reveals the boys are getting excited.
SINCE Avril Lavigne scored Sk8er Boi success, music moguls have scrambled to snap up schoolgirl singers and the latest in an interminably long line is sweet 16 Orrico.
The psuedo rock 'n' roll princess arrives at the Dublin venue for her one Irish date as hot property, with her single Sk8er Boi (ehm, that's Skater Boy to you and I) proving a massive smash hit around these parts.
The black fringe against blonde hair kind of gave it away for the 30-year-old Sk8er Boi singer.