SkPSSeng Kang Primary School (Singapore)
SKPSSalem-Keizer Public Schools (Oregon)
SKPSSekolah Kebangsaan Paya Salak (Malay: Paya Salak National School; Padang Rengas, Malaysia)
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This patent covers the method of producing SKPs from a population of cells.
Aegera has entered into an agreement to combine its original intellectual property portfolio related to the SKPs with the intellectual portfolio now being developed by Sick Kids.
SKPs are more accessible than muscle and bone marrow stem cells and also seem to be more easily multipotent, in contrast to most adult stem cells, which seem to be strongly tissue-biased, Miller explained.
In particular, they are assessing whether the SKPs will integrate into tissues and are focusing on producing cardiac and pancreatic islet cells.
These novel stem cells, SKPs, were isolated from the skin of juvenile and adult rodents- an accessible non?