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SKUPStiftelsen for en Kritisk og Undersøkende Presse
SKUPSketchUp (Google software)
SKUPSkandinavisk Utprøving av Laboratorieutstyr for PrimæRhelsetjenesten (Scandinavian Evaluation of Laboratory Equipment for Primary Health Care)
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En SketchUp se hace una programacion de la comunicacion TCP/IP con el localhost de LabVIEW mediante una Interface de Programacion de Aplicaciones (API) con lenguaje de programacion Ruby que viene incluido, asi se puede intercambiar informacion de actuadores (ordenes de posicion de los cilindros y velocidad de las cajas) y de sensores (posicion de las cajas).
It details the tools, materials, and techniques of freehand drawing and rendering; digital rendering using SketchUp and Photoshop; the residential design of single-family housing, townhouses, apartments, and mixed-use buildings, with information on space planning and furnishing for different rooms; and the relationship between residential design, the landscape, and the surrounding neighborhood, including commercial and transportation requirements.
Chris Keating, general manager of Trimble's Architecture & Design Division, shared: "Architects rely on SketchUp to understand conceptual design choices and develop constructible models.
The collaboration alleviates pitfalls commonly associated with 3D printing workflows by providing the SketchUp community with direct access to powerful technology that facilitates the process of turning their 3D models into physical objects.
The new SketchUp extension from Axis, which is free to download, allows users to see exactly how the cameras fit into the building's layout and easily spot if camera views are obstructed by columns or walls.
The effects of Google Sketchup based geometry activities and projects on spatial visualization ability of student mathematics teachers, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, 9, 384-389.
Vivien 2013 can also import room and event drawings from AutoCAD, SketchUp, and from Google's free 3D Warehouse at http://sketchup.
Combining the highest quality rendering from Shaderlight and proven technology from Limitless Computing, this innovative new tool delivers the fastest, most effective workflow for Google SketchUp users.
InDesign, 3ds Max, Sketchup, Kerykthea and all Microsoft software.
Topics include sales, entrepreneurship, automation and a new 3-D modeling program, Google Sketchup.
Pointools Suite includes Pointools POD Creator for converting a wide range of 3D laser scan formats, Pointools Edit for selecting, editing, segmenting and animating the largest point cloud models and Pointools Plug-ins for Rhino, Google SketchUp and Autodesk applications including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Architecture, Map 3D and Land Desktop.
He said the full system, called Sketchup, will only be installed once the city was over the recession.