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SKUPStiftelsen for en Kritisk og Undersøkende Presse
SKUPSketchUp (Google software)
SKUPSkandinavisk Utprøving av Laboratorieutstyr for PrimæRhelsetjenesten (Scandinavian Evaluation of Laboratory Equipment for Primary Health Care)
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The interest among the SketchUp community to collaborate has amplified the need to work together and share data rich SketchUp models across the entire design, build and operate (DBO) lifecycle.
The collaboration alleviates pitfalls commonly associated with 3D printing workflows by providing the SketchUp community with direct access to powerful technology that facilitates the process of turning their 3D models into physical objects.
Created for United Kingdom-based EASYSKETCH, the plugin accelerates the kitchen design process for architects, interior designers, kitchen designers, and do-it-yourselfers who use SketchUp.
The new SketchUp extension from Axis, which is free to download, allows users to see exactly how the cameras fit into the building's layout and easily spot if camera views are obstructed by columns or walls.
Shaderlight Cloud Rendering powered by Limitless Computing renders Google SketchUp animations up to 30x faster, and scenes up to 5x faster, delivering high resolution, photorealistic visualizations direct from Google SketchUp in hours, not days.
As a free 3-D modeling program, SketchUp is a remarkably sophisticated and useful tool.
He said the full system, called Sketchup, will only be installed once the city was over the recession.
Tadros, a SketchUp instructor who has worked in implementing CAD applications and digital media in all stages of architectural design and construction, explains how to use Google SketchUp 7 in architectural design.
Google SketchUp for Site Design offers design professionals tips on how to use the SketchUp tools and functions to construct models of exterior spaces and architecture.
3DVinci has released the Google SketchUp 7 Hands On book series.
According to the agreement, Microdesk will provide training for Google's 3D architectural modeling software, SketchUp, and its Google Earth and Google Earth Pro applications.