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SKIAShotokan Karate International Australia (martial arts)
SKIASecure Key Issuing Authority
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Johanes Skia said April 28 by phone from Ambon that the victims died from burns, gunshot wounds or from stabbing.
The Latin word sciurus (sk'yooris) means squirrel, and is derived from the Greek skia (shadow) and oura (tail).
Marking the end of their Logicon project, the Greek "shadow-prophet woman," Skia Mantikos, whirls for them in order to "perceive things beyond the range of the immediate present" (RS 423).
Smithers argued that this three-term system was probably based ultimately on Plato's theory of 'Ideas' in the Republic, where he uses the term skia (= L umbra), eikon (= L imago), and aletheia (= L veritas) respectively for 'imitations of actual objects, the objects themselves, and the unique "idea and form" of the object' (128).
SKIA Subarea Plan for Eco-Industrial Center--Bremerton, Washington
The participating teams include SAK, Yas Thrishur, Youth Forum, EMA Ernakulam, SKIA, Al Khor Youth Club, Calicut Sports Club, KODEX Kasaragode, QIA, ICA Alumni, Mushaghal Malayalee, NAPS, Pathanamthitta Sports Club, Q-Team Malappuram, VIVA and MES College of Engineering Alumni.
SKIA Qatar patron Abdul Salam, campaign organisers P N Baburajan and K P Noorudheen and general convenor Abdul Jaleel also spoke.
Motivator, who gave Montjeu a first-crop Derby winner in 2005, has slipped from an initial fee of pounds 20,000 in 2006 to pounds 5,000 this year, despite siring a Group 2 winner, Pollenator, and Group 3 scorer Skia from his own debut crop.
Skia said most victims of the blast are Christians.