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Skin conductance responses were recorded, digitized, and analyzed using the Biopac software (Biopac Systems, Inc.).
Skin conductance responses (SCRs) evoked by pictures increase when arousal is high and decrease when it is low, showing a positive relation to picture arousal ratings (Bradley, 2000; Greenwald et al., 1989; Lang et al., 1993).
Second, differences in skin conductance response bring into question what type of reaction takes place after exposure to a very low-level substance.
It would therefore be useful if studies using skin conductance response (SCR) as the dependent variable could be conducted at shorter ISis than was previously the case.
TABLE 1 Means (SDs) & Intercorrelations between SS & Dependent Variables Mean SD Pleasant- Pleasant- ness ness Rating RT SS 19.40 6.74 -.295 -.309 TAS 6.45 2.49 -.543 ** -.326 * ES 5.35 2.01 -.044 -.068 Dis 4.18 2.92 -.167 -.335 * BS 3.48 2.09 -.033 -.089 Memory Memory Memory Task Task Task ACC RT SCR SS .116 .085 .347 * TAS .134 -.087 .177 ES .017 .224 .260 Dis .098 .147 .140 BS .082 -.030 .396 * Notes: N = 40, SS = sensation seeking, RT = response time, SCR = skin conductance response, * p < .05, ** p < .01 (two-tailed tests).
Skin conductance response was scored as the largest change (peak-valley difference) above 0.05 [mu]Siemens occurring in a 0.9-4 s window following picture onset.
Experiment 1 was designed to test for the transfer of an operant sequencing response via emergent relations of compound stimuli, and Experiment 2 was designed to test for the transfer of a classically conditioned skin conductance response. In both experiments, we first taught participants the 9 AB-C relations shown in the left panel of Figure 1, then tested for the 18 AC-B and BC-A relations shown in the right panel of Figure 1.
The skin conductance response (i.e., unconditioned response) to electric shock stimuli does not habituate, even after many trials.
However, surprisingly, bringing the snake closer was linked with either high somatic arousal (assessed by skin conductance response) accompanied by low subjective fear (assessed by fear self-ratings) or high subjective fear accompanied by low somatic arousal.