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has acquired US-based vehicle skip tracing services provider Global Investigative Services, LLC, the company said.
The company provides clients with outsourced repossession management and skip tracing services, leveraging a national network of certified agents and unique investigative techniques to quickly and reliably secure customers' collateral.
For this reason, skip tracing, or the ability to find people who have moved without leaving forwarding information, is one of the professional collector's most important skills.
1 includes a suite of features designed for the credit and recovery market, such as digital messaging, diligence tracking, skip tracing, aging capabilities and "do not call" capabilities.
These companies often offer skip tracing services and are willing to work with you to locate the debtor.
The author describes skip tracing and searching for assets in chapter seven.
Skip tracing is aimed at finding taxpayers who have skipped town and are attempting to avoid paying what they owe.
As a result of this first call, accounts are transferred to assigned collectors, left in the dialer pool or sent to skip tracing.
USA Funds Borrower Connect has given us and helped us utilize great skip tracing tools.
With services ranging from asset searches and skip tracing to surveillance and undercover investigations, Paper Trace is one of the premier Minnesota private investigations companies.
Credit unions need to consider which is more cost effective: spending a fraction of the cost to run a field call, spending an excess amount on skip tracing, or ultimately closing the loan in an expensive and undesirable manner.