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The remaining 81 patients who refused admission were investigated by skull X-ray.
Chest X-ray was taken after that and followed by Spine-Xray, Skull X-ray and abdominal X-ray.
Morley Benstead, aged 41, was taken to Torbay Hospital after the incident in May 1998 but no skull X-ray was carried out, his counsel Robin Oppenheim told Mr Justice Davis in London yesterday.
At hospital I had a skull X-ray and in the morning underwent a scan, which was worrying.
Medical experts have taken us from the basic skull X-ray to the MRI Scan, which is currently the best form of detection of abnormalities.
Therefore, a negative skull x-ray doesn't mean there is no injury to the brain, particularly in infants.
The nontraumatic indications for a skull x-ray examination are relatively few.