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If all this sounds quite architectural (slab construction is itself a term that ceramics shares with the building trades, where it describes a method of cast concrete assembly), the resonance is not coincidental.
With the absence of pottery wheels, our students handbuild their teapots using coil or slab construction and relief technique as their surface decoration.
In addition to backfilling concrete foundation walls, this system has been used to fill abandoned structures, such as wells and culverts; to place base material in preparation for concrete slab construction; and to place topsoil, which is useful where existing landscaping must be preserved.
Although the column and slab construction system is regular and efficient, Kada was able to ring the changes with room arrangements, so each wing is subtly different from the next, and their ends also vary.
Also, after removing some of the existing floor finishes, workers found the original slab construction levels were not what they expected and adjustments had to be made to comply with health and safety regulations.
Simpler slab construction maximizes the amount of plenum space - above the ceiling or below the floor - for increasing communications and data utility runs.
Additionally, the industry's efforts to expand into new markets such as dowel bars for highway slab construction, concrete repair systems, bridge decks, and piling for commercial ports and docks will drive demand for composites in measurable terms.
Valerie, who's been working with clay since she was 13, spent the afternoon teaching me how to make a simple, decorative vase through a process called slab construction. This simple technique eliminates the potter's wheel and studio space, allows newcomers to experiment before making any real money investment, requires few tools and no experience.
The rails upon which these units slide can either be a part of the floor slab construction or added later.
Using simple ceramic slab construction techniques, students created a versatile surface on which to display imagery to tell their stories.