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SLTSomething Like That
SLTSAP Landscape Transformation (software)
SLTSelective Laser Trabeculoplasty
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SLTSingle Lens Translucent (digital cameras)
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SLTSpoken Language Translation
SLTSpeech and Language Technology
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SLTScript Application Language for Telix
SLTSingle Line Telephone
SLTSlidell Little Theatre (Slidell, LA)
SLTSalt Lake Tribune
SLTShiga-Like Toxin (Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli)
SLTSo Little Time
SLTSocial Learning Theory (behavioral psychology)
SLTSecond Life Time (gaming)
SLTStuff Like That (polite form)
SLTStatistical Learning Theory
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SLTSystem Level Test
SLTSubscriber Line Terminal (NEC)
SLTSperrin Lakeland Trust (UK)
SLTSemi-Lagrangian Transport
SLTSouth Luzon Tollway (Philippines)
SLTSystem Load Tape
SLTSlice Thickness (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
SLTSlotervaart Leefbare Tuinstad
SLTSindh Literacy Team (Pakistan)
SLTSteel Low Truss (engineering)
SLTStrong Langmuir Turbulence
SLTSwing Lander Trainer (US Army Jump School)
SLTSouth London Tangerines (UK)
SLTSchool of Living Traditions (Ifugao, Philippines)
SLTSituated Learning Theory
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SLTStockpile Laboratory Test
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SLTSpeech and Language Therapist/Therapy
SLTSimple Love Tweet
SLTSequential Linear Test
SLTSuper Light Transmission (optics)
SLTSelf-Loading Tape
SLTSubscriber Line Terminating equipment (ITU-T)
SLTSearch Light Transmission
SLTSmooth Local Trigonometric
SLTSingle-Line Transects
SLTStatistical Life Test
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SLTStation Leadership Team (USDA)
SLTService-Level Test
SLTSystem Laboratory Test
SLTSpecific Launch Trajectory
SLTSuomi Lyriikka Tuotanto
SLTSvenska Litografiska Tryckeriet (Swedish office supplies company)
SLTSoftware Leadership Team
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000 m marker type II, cold plastic hook, slice thickness 3 mm, - 6.
This original work provides intricate information related to the rarely considered aspect of the effect of slice thickness on the quality of dried products.
Axial fast spin echo (FSE) T1-weighted imaging: repetition time (TR), 380 ms; echo time (TE), min full; slice thickness, 4 mm; slice gap, 0.
The experimental results prove that slice thickness is majorly responsible for the quality of reconstructed data.
5T MR scanner using standard MRI protocol, which includes T2W coronal (sequence parameters: TR 3600 ms, TE 120 ms, FOV 14X18 cm, matrix size 380X300, slice thickness 2 mm), as well as T1W coronal and sagittal images (sequence parameters: TR 480 ms, TE 10 ms, FOV 15X18 cm, matrix size 256X224, slice thickness 2 mm) prior and after contrast material application.
Axial, coronal and sagittal T2-weighted FSE with TR/TE 4800/80 to 90 milli secs, Field of view 24 x 24 cm, Matrix size 512 x 512, slice thickness 3 mm, inter slice gap 1.
Head CT examination was performed on GE scanners (Milwaukee, WI) without contrast using the following parameters: slice thickness 2.
Slice thickness expectation, with the understanding of getting the maximum number of slices from each ham
Time and time again, customers are commenting on the flexibility, with the technology able to do anything that is asked of it, providing fixed weight and regular slice thickness, as well as high capacity through its short loading cycles, whatever the product.
The raw dataset was retroreconstructed to a slice thickness of 0.
The critical interplay between slice thickness (spatial resolution), and sequence selection is always offset by scan time.