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SLIKSystem Level Improvement Kit (Azimuth Technologies Ltd.; Israel)
SLIKSimple Lisp Interface Kit
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Midge, from Cambuslang, near Glasgow, was in bands such as Slik and working in McCormack's musical instrument store in the mid 70s.
At the second bonus sprint (km 149), won by Van Goethem ahead of Kerby and Slik, the leaders could still enjoy a 1'38 advantage.
They made many Slik Oliver, Minneapolis-Moline and Massey-Harris toys.
DJ SLiK will provide music, and there will be a laser and light show, a live band, raffles, free pizza and an open soda bar.
For its part, ProFoot has launched four products so far this year--which marks its 20th anniversary: Slik Stik, Toe Beds, Heel Rescue Intensive Overnight Foot Repair and Synovium, the first topical analgesic specifically formulated for use on the feet and ankles.
Slik Stik Miracle Anti-Blister Stick is an easy-to-use applicator, offering a layer of protection for the heel and foot and eliminating the rubbing and friction caused by shoes.
ANSWERS: 1 Tenerife; 2 Rory Underwood; 3 The Norman Conquest; 4 West Ham United; 5 The Tempest; 6 Lamborghini; 7 Benjamin Franklin; 8 Ruth Ellis; 9 It spends most of its life underground; 10 Slik.
He enjoyed worldwide success with Ultravox, and also had spells with Slik and Visage, before launching Band Aid with Bob Geldof in 1985.
Having spent all his adult life in the public eye, first with the Scottish pop band Slik, who topped the charts in 1976 with Forever and Ever, then the Rich Kids, Ultravox and Visage, Midge is in the ideal position to juggle stroppy stars and their awkward agents.
This prediction is supported by examinations of four types of ambition: progressive (the desire for higher office), static (the desire to remain in the current office), discrete (the desire to leave office) and intrainstitutional (the desire for higher positions of power within the current chamber) (Herrick & Moore, 1993; Hibbing, 1993; Schlesinger, 1966; Van Der Slik & Pernacciaro, 1979).