SLJSchool Library Journal
SLJSamuel L Jackson (actor)
SLJSumalindo Lestari Jaya (Indonesian lumber company)
SLJStanding Long Jump
SLJService Logement Jeunes (French: Youth Accommodation Service)
SLJSentinels of Liberty and Justice
SLJSeekers of the Lost Jedi
SLJSchool for Law & Justice (Urban Assembly; Brooklyn, NY)
SLJSobre-Loja (Portuguese: mezzanine; postal usage)
SLJSounds Like Justice (band)
SLJSide Lobe Jamming
SLJScripps La Jolla Memorial Hospital (California)
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Bansi Jashapara, leading Research, Analytics and Data sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa, was previously senior account manager for BCA Research and went on to lead research sales for SLJ Macro.
Fiona and Dave Ruscoe seal their big day with a kiss PICS: SLJ PHOTOGRAPHY
This value was settled by taking the average variability of the SLJ data (SD = 25.
Sullivan JH, Schreuder AB, Trenga CA, Liu SLJ, Larson TV, Koenig JQ, et al.
Bridges SLJ, Lopez Mendez A, Han KH, Tracy IC, Alarcon GS 1991 Should methotrexate be discontinued before elective orthopedic surgery in patients with rheumatoid arthritis Journal of Rheumatology 18 984-988
NoL(Oi) = SLj for all 1 j n (number of leaf classes in Oi) In the above figure 2, the ontology Oi has 4 leaf classes, C4, C3, C5, C7, thus NoL(Oi) = 4.
Eu WN Eudora Welty Newsletter Expl Explicator JSSE Journal of the Short Story in English MissQ Mississippi Quarterly NMW Notes on Mississippi Writers NYT New York Times NYTBR New York Times Book Review NYTM New York Times Magazine POMPA Publications of the Mississippi Philological Association SAF Studies in American Fiction SCRev South Central Review SLJ Southern Literary Journal SoAR South Atlantic Review SoQ Southern Quarterly: A Journal of Arts in the South SoR Southern Review SoSt Southern Studies SSF Studies in Short Fiction
1]) Values are mean [+ or -] SD SAR = sit and reach, SLJ = standing long jump, SUP = sit ups.
Van Gils MPMQ, Hessels D, van Hooij O, Jannink SA, Peelen WP, Hanssen SLJ, et al.
Another SLJ sophomore, Garfield Morrison, 16, believes that raising the minimum wage "would give teens an incentive to start work earlier.
Antes de SLJ, trabajo para Arthur Andersen en servicios para expatriados y tambien en una empresa de reclutamiento para el area financiera en Londres y Dublin durante un ano.