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SLLSierra Leone Leone (national currency)
SLLSmall Lymphocytic Lymphoma
SLLShift Left Logical
SLLSingly Linked List (computer programming)
SLLSuomen Lukiolaisten Liitto Ry (Finnish: Union of Finnish Upper Secondary School Students)
SLLStop Look Listen
SLLSide-Lobe Level
SLLStandard Linear and Logic
SLLSingle-Loop Learning (learning within a paradigmatic context)
SLLSociedad Laboral Limitada
SLLService Language Layer (programming)
SLLStanford Learning Laboratory (Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
SLLSandia Laboratories Livermore
SLLStatically Linked Library
SLLStructured Lease Line
SLLSecondary Lobe Level
SLLSims: Livin' Large (game)
SLLSpecified Long-Term Load (voltage)
SLLScore Linked List
SLLState Library of Louisiana (Baton Rouge, LA)
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3] SLL is a slow-growing lymphoma biologically similar to CLL in which too many immature white blood cells cause lymph nodes to become larger than normal.
Lighting is an art as well as a science, and it's been really exciting and a lot of fun for us to participate in this event, alongside the SLL and CIBSE," continued Mr.
SLL remains dependent on its major shareholder SME Bank Limited (SMEBL) for funding proposed State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) regulation of limiting related party exposure to 75% of equity (current outstanding constitutes around 30% of SMEBLs equity) may severely restrict SLLs access to funding.
Funding sources of the company are primarily limited to parent bank; availability of which is considered critical for SLL to support its growth needs.
Agenda circulated by the Management has outlined capital limitation as the main reason behind the declining SLL.
The SLL basin was sampled before it had a full year of operation.
The following locations, websites, and forums outline where SLL analysts collect their Signal OILs.
This is particularly pertinent in patients with a SLL injury whereby using the DTM, the activity of the stabilising flexor carpi ulnaris (FCU) and extensor carpi radialis longus is enhanced, whilst the activity of the potentially harmful ECU is demoted.
West Midland county councillors will be told this week that the extra Sll.
Their effects on the SLL are examined and it is found that with the increase of the level of the preference change factors, the SLL will decrease.
This data suggests a significant difference in antigenic phenotype of SLL cells in OA and ST not to be considered at a normal-like state in OA.
CD19 was selected over several other potential lineage specific proteins because, as opposed to molecules such as CD20, its expression is relatively constant in different LPDs, in particular in MCL and CLL/ SLL (13,14).