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In Section 2, the main theory of Alamouti STBC MIMO-OFDM system, as well as the definition of PAPR are explained, and the SLM scheme is also described in this section.
The association secretary, Mr Charles Madisa hailed UNDP for coming to their rescue, noting that initially, the association had 37 members, but through support from SLM project, the association has grown to more than 130 members.
As of September 2018, for SLM 2004-10, approximately 11.6% of the student loans are indexed to T-Bill, and 88.4% are indexed to LIBOR.
The SLM programme (Phase-I) paved the way towards using a long-term programmatic and results-based approach to combating desertification and land degradation over entire landscapes in Pakistan.
The use of wastes in SLM has already been studied to replace both cement and fine aggregates [7], like slate waste [3] and fly ash [8]; the addition of ground-granulated blast furnace slag [9]; use of original phosphogypsum as raw material [6] and as binder [10]; and use of construction and demolition wastes (CDWs) [11].
This offer document follows GE's public announcement on 6 September of its intention to acquire SLM Solutions Group AG.
The results may be used to improve the production of SLM materials in order to get better material characteristics.
Paul Dowling, regional director for SLM, had retaliated by saying: "Despite considerable attempts to make the process easier for all concerned, SLM have been repeatedly refused access to important information about NBLT employees."
Joe DePaulo, SLM Corp's chief marketing officer, said, 'We thought Barclays offered us a better overall execution.
Li3 Energy Inc, (OTCBB: LIEG), a United States listed and South American based global exploration and development company in the lithium and minerals sector, has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire 100 percent of the interests of SLM Bongo, SLM Clarita, SLM Lithium and SLM Corral.
Khartoum, April 14 (SUNA) - The Government and Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Thursday signed the document of the final agreement on completing the implementation of the security arrangements as stipulated by Abuja Peace Agreement for DarfurThe document was signed by Dr.
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM) are layer material addition techniques that allow generating complex 3D parts by selectively consolidating successive layers of powder material on top of each other, using thermal energy supplied by a focused and computer controlled laser beam (Berce 2008).