SLOBOSlobodan Milosevic (former Yugoslavia leader)
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The trial could then be over in days, and Slobo would be cleaning bus shelters in Sarajevo.
Also as the bombs fell, the president who likened the evil Slobo to Hitler was welcoming--with a state dinner at the White House the Chinese premier--Zhu Rongji, a man who tortures and executes political opponents, who represents a regime that has done far worse things to the Tibetans than Milosevic has done to the Kosovars, and who presides over a system of forced-labor camps to dwarf the old Soviet Gulag.
The CCTV system also gives round-the-clock supervision of prisoners like Slobo who are considered suicide risks.
Dressed in a crisp dark suit, blue shirt and striped tie, Slobo shifted impatiently in his blue and chrome chair in Courtroom One before the opening session.
He was rewarded for this "non-interference" just a year after the war ended by clinching a deal with Slobo to privatise the Serbian telephone system while he was employed as roving ambassador by NatWest Markets
For now, let us await the next bid, probably against a backdrop of October surprises--saving Montenegro from Slobo, or settling accounts one more time with Saddam.
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IMPASSIVE: Milosevic led into court by a UN security guard yesterday Picture: REUTERS; ACCUSED: Slobo under guard in dock Picture: REUTERS; TOUGH: Judge May yesterday
We are in jail with Slobo who is a war criminal," said Mr Nenad Canak, head of the league of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, one of the leading opposition groups in the province.
Recently, deriding Bill Clinton's Kosovo policy as insufficiently explosive, the columnist was looking forward to the Ultimate Mayday: "One of these days, Slobo (and Saddam) may lay hands on a half-stolen Russian nuclear missile-and that's the end of retribution.
If you built columns to support a Hall of Shame and gave each one a name, Slobo would be the latest in modern history.
Mr Cook cancelled his lunch with the rest of the foreign ministers to spend 90 minutes telling the world of the NATO victory before Slobo had even got his thinking cap on to cook up a face-saver.