SLOBOSlobodan Milosevic (former Yugoslavia leader)
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The trial could then be over in days, and Slobo would be cleaning bus shelters in Sarajevo.
That was done successfully when the United States used economic coercion to persuade the new Serbian government to surrender Slobo dan Milosevic to the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.
An insider said last night: "Slobo may look defeated now but that is just show."
Thousands of banners read: "He is finished" and a note stuck on a clock read: "Slobo, where is your courage now?"
Waving flags and chanting "Slobo go away," students, professionals and pensioners packed into the square to join forces against the strongman's grip on Yugoslavia.
We've heard much of the ethnic cleansing by Slobodan Milosevic, and objective character references strongly suggest that Slobo will not be welcomed to a cool, crisp hereafter.
But Slobo is a proud man who declines to stoop and so has left all the humanitarian arguments--which are the only arguments that the media understands -- in NATO's arsenal.
1950s tragicomedy about the boys in the paint-mixing room at the Slobo & Co.
A former senior Irish army officer, aside from keeping tabs on Slobo, Tim's job requires him to ensure the safety of those charged with some of the bloodiest war crimes in Bosnia and Kosovo.
IN THE DOCK: Slobo yesterday Picture: REUTERS; PROTEST: Outside court yesterday; HORROR: Grave of Muslims killed in Visegrad.
Slobo's latest award is timed to give his supporters a morale boost before federal and local elections scheduled for the end of the year.
Some demonstrators at a Belgrade rally and rock concert carried pictures of Milosevic, while others brandished banners reading: "Slobo, You Are Chosen By God To Defend the Serbs."