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SMIBSystem Management Information Base
SMIBSlot Machine Interface Board (gaming industry)
SMIBSmall and Medium Industry Bank (development bank)
SMIBSecurity Management Information Base
SMIBSign Manufacturers Insurance Brokers
SMIBSupplementary Medical Insurance Benefits
SMIBSo Mote It Be
SMIBSafety Marine Information Broadcast (Coast Guard)
SMIBSouthern Maryland Inbred
SMIBStrategy and Management of International Business
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Some player tracking systems connect directly to the casino network, while others may connect to the machine's main game slot machine interface board (SMIB), which transmits SAS data to the casino's RS-485 or Ethernet network.
Third, and new to G2S, is an element that existed neither in BOB nor in SuperSAS(TM); the inclusion of a Slot Machine Interface Board (SMIB), in the G2S architecture.